Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Friyay!: Mini Update

Happy Friday y'all! I honestly feel as if I blinked on Monday and when I opened my eyes, whoosh! Fri-YAY is here! The week started out a bit slow and boring, but it picked right back up, thank God. First off, I want to announce that I am finally going out of town. It's been a year since I've taken a road trip (it was to Shreveport with a guy I was seeing, blah). This time though, I'm going with my BFF Lisa to my other BFF's wedding in Galveston!!! I have never been to Galveston so I'm pumped. It's gonna be at this beautiful resort facing the beach and I seriously cannot freaking wait! It's going to be a month from next Wednesday.

Then I'm heading to California for my cousin's wedding, but that won't be until mid October. It's actually perfect because this way I can spend my birthday over there and extend my stay for another week or so.

I interviewed yesterday with a company that's pretty well known and I don't want to say anything just yet because I don't want to jinx it. Also, I have an interview with a different company today over the phone so I hope they'll move me to the next step and get to interview in person. This person actually reached out to me via Linked In. Who would've thought that a social site like Linked In, will actually get you linked into a new job? (You see what I did there?) If you don't have a profile, get on it.

The Honda dealer is pretty much a dud. The last manager I interviewed with on Monday was actually rude with no class. It was really irritating to come across someone like that after I waited a whole hour for them to give me their time. You know how at the end of an interview, they shake your hand? He didn't even do that and/or thank me for coming. Whatever.

Haven't been on blogland much this week because I got sucked into watching, "La Reina Del Sur" (Queen of the South) on Netflix. I'm on episode 15 out of 63!! Lord help me. There's an English version I also started watching on USA Network and I am obsessed.

Also got to go to dinner with my girl Ashley whom I haven't seen in months. I finally got a pedicure and some girl time with Lisa.

I will catch up this weekend with everyone's blogs though. Especially since my dear friend Kelly came back strong to blogland and boy, it's a treat!

So wish me luck on my interview! For now I'm going to enjoy my weekend and hope you guys do the same. XOXO.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Walk With Me Through The Path of Success

Seems like these days I pop up on blogland on Fridays, hey girl hey! I guess you could say I'm at least being consistent. I'm slaying this blog, can't you tell?

Since my last post, things have yet again gotten rocky and I'm trying to stay positive and not sulk, but it's hard. It's funny how on social media or on our own blogs we don't like to share the bad. It's like we're trying to keep up with appearances and also trying to find that balance of not sharing too much bad and enough good. So what if it's all bad and hardly any good? Does that make you a Debbie downer? It's so unfair sometimes, but it is what it is.

I try to be as transparent as I can be, even though the reality is you will never fully know a person online because they can't possibly share their entire life with you. So the tid bits that one does share, will hopefully inspire you, give you a take away, teach you something and hoping that you will keep coming back because you're a loyal follower. At least that's what I'm hoping I can give to you guys who consistently come back to my little blog.

Last night this girl on Instagram told me that she's been a follower of mine for awhile now and she really liked one of my personal posts where I shared how this guy I dated was two timing me. Even though it was a gnarly, tough situation when I was going through it, I was damn proud of that blog post I wrote because I poured my pain and heart into it. To hear now, months later, that that post is their favorite, I was touched.

It honestly gave me that push to come back here and slay this blog. It's weird, but I've noticed how blogs that used to get tons of comments, lately get maybe 20 comments compared to the 50 they would always get. What's up with that? Did people check out of commenting altogether and they only read? It just makes me wonder. I'm always making an effort to comment on people's blogs even though it's almost a job in itself, but I do it.

I do it for the gram.. err I mean, the blog.. I do it for the sake of blogs.

Enough of beating around the bush and let me update you on what's going on on my neck of the woods. I'm funemployed, again. It took me by surprise how it all unfolded, but now thinking back, I'm glad because I wasn't feeling the place at all. Not gonna bore you with the details, but it just wasn't meant to be. So now I have an interview next week with another dealership and I'm excited because I'm going back to selling Hondas. When I first started interviewing at different dealerships back in April, one manager told me that it's key to find the right dealership. Something tells me this next one will be it.

At first, I got into a slump because I hate going through this transition. This transition of waiting and waiting, it's exhausting and stressful. I trust God though in this path of challenges I'm facing and accepting that this is all part of my growth and turning into a butterfly if you will. I'm in hibernation and it's a lone road, but it's just temporary. It's just temporary, that's what I keep telling myself.

Like they say, you will look back a year or so from now and laugh that I was stressing out for no reason. You have to love the struggle because the end will have a sweet reward. I'm willing to get there patiently and I hope you guys stick around and go along with me. As DJ Khaled says, WALK WITH ME THROUGH THE PATH OF SUCCESS!!! Yassss.

Friday, July 8, 2016

New Post, Who Dis?

You know when someone loses their phone, gets a new one and when people text them and it doesn't show who they are from their contacts, they say, "New phone, who dis?" Well, I pretty much made a spin on that with today's blog title. You can blame Katy aka LustreLux who always coins the term with, "New (blank) who dis?". I love it.

That's my feeble attempt at the flat lay, there's always room for improvement, amirite?

About the recent events... This has been the most emotional summer and not even the weather can calm us down from all this chaos. Just last night downtown Dallas was hit with violence and it really makes me sad and scared at what the world is coming to. People are upset and I totally get it because there's so much injustice, we can't even get our bearings before hearing of another travesty. I just pray that the world will start to heal and learn from these horrible mistakes. I haven't watched much of the videos going around because it's too heart wrenching. Instead I will keep being mindful of what's going on and pray to God to allow people to heal and to be peaceful and not violent. Violence is never the answer and it shouldn't begin to be the answer now.

On a lighter note, I joined Blog Boss Babe and got my mug last week in the mail, finally! It's exciting to be a part of a blog community where everyone helps each other and get to do challenges and learn more about how to be Blog Boss Babes.

Not gonna lie but when Helene announced she's moving abroad, I felt sad. Not because of being selfish and wanting her to stay in the US, but I wish I could do that too. So many of my friends have moved away and I'm still here. I need a change of scenery soon so we'll see.

New job is going swell, it's different but in a good way. I already got a day off this week and that's not too shabby. My 4th of July was low key by spending time with family and meeting new people. I didn't make it a point to go see fireworks, just enjoyed good food and that's good enough for me.

Been reading this book, I Had a Nice Time... and Other Lies by The Betches, that I got the other day and man, it is hilarious. The Betches are a funny bunch, who use lots of Mean Girls references and they totally get it. I'll do a book review soon.

By the way, I'm not looking for love. I figured it would be fun to read a book on dating these days because not only am I single, but it's good to get affirmation that I'm not completely off track with my dating antics.

These days I get hit on a lot by married men. It's so annoying because I know I don't have a sign on my forehead that says, "THIRSTY" or "SIDE CHICK WANNABE". Uh, no thank you! Stay in your lane and in your marriage bed (however miserable it is, you put a ring on it, deal). I am not your rescuer. I only rescue pups, TYSM.

Single fellas aren't any brighter either. The other day I went out with a group of people and this guy invited me to go, only to completely ignore me. Not sure if he's used to girls throwing themselves at him because that's not my style, but I felt like if he was going to do that, then why even invite me? I would've much rather stay home and Netflix. I had fun regardless so it's his loss.

That just about wraps up this random post. How was your week so far loves? Have a safe and slay weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July!

June was a weird month for me, but it was definitely a little better than May. Now that July is here, it can only get better so happy July! I took a mini vacation because working a whole month with one day off a week was total suicide. I didn't sell as many cars as I'd hoped (bad month for everyone not just me) so that meant another month of torture so I said to myself, hell nah, I'm jumping ship.

I quit the dealership and got hired at another one, which I'm starting next week.

I'm excited because now that I got my feet wet, I know what to look for as far as what it takes to make it in this industry. I will miss the guys I worked with, except the managers (with the exception of one). I know they talk to you crazy because that's how the industry is, but some of these managers talked all this negative motivation and that's when you lose my respect. I can't stand negative talk and empty threats.

We had a meeting earlier this week where they said if people don't bring in sales and are only getting paid hourly then they're gonna "trim the fat". They were intolerable when I would ask questions to make sure I understood what they were talking about and would belittle me and bring it up in front of others in meetings. So annoying. They think they're funny but instead they made themselves look like clowns.

What I didn't like the most was their requirement to make 50 calls a day. My desk was all the way in the back and I couldn't see when customers would walk in. If phone calls are key then I might as well go back to my last job where that's all I did. At my new job, they don't require you to make any phone calls, which means I'll be able to focus on customers and make that money!

As far as my blog, I know I only posted 3 posts here last month, but July should be better. The past month I was so stressed, exhausted and had no room for creativity. I'm sure with this new job, things will be different since I'll have 2 days off a week and I won't be feeling suicidal. When I say that, of course I'm kidding, but it was not fun not having a break from that place.

The next 4 days I will enjoy it 1,000% because I'll be a lazy bum and then be ready to rock it on Tuesday after the Fourth of July. What do you guys have planned for the Fourth? I haven't made any plans yet, but I'm sure I'll get into something.

I may go to the movies to see Tarzan because OMG, it looks like a good movie! Last movie I saw was Me Before You and that was a really good movie, go see it.

I hope you guys have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Love is Love #OrlandoStrong

Last week was quite an emotional week and this week is still no different. Our hearts are broken and trying to find a solution to this ongoing problem. Our world is trying to heal after the attack in Orlando and time will heal the wounds; but for now we are uniting as a people to get through this tragic event.

My heart was already heavy hearing of Christina Grimmie losing her life so tragically, so sudden. Then to wake two days later to the news of what happened in Orlando was almost too much to take. It really shook me to my core because not only were these victims so young, but a lot of them are my fellow Puerto Rican people. A day after they announced their names, I found out my cousins were close to two of the victims. I couldn't stop crying knowing that my cousins were hurting and I can't even hug them since they live far away.

All I can do is let them know that I'm here, I'm praying for them and for all the families and friends who lost 49 beautiful souls. I don't even understand why hate has to come into this world because nine times out of ten, love conquers all. Love always wins. We get it that we need more love, we need more tolerance, more empathy and understanding of others' differences. Even though tragedy shouldn't be the reason to start opening our eyes that we need to love more, sometimes it's a wake up call. I hope that this time, the solution will come soon. For now, I think we just need to love everyone because life is too short not to.

Love not only others, but ourselves as well. This person that did this heinous hate crime was having an inner battle with himself and hated that part of himself, which also extended to him hating gay people. I read somewhere that he resented Puerto Ricans because of being rejected and used. I know rejection is hard for anyone to take, but it's about how you accept it and move on. Supposedly he wanted to find love and resented them because he was involved with one of them who later told him they had HIV. So a source close to him came forward saying this was most likely payback for what they did to him.

This person was a ticking time bomb for a few years now. It was only a matter of time and circumstances that sadly led him to this. First it was his outrage when two gay men kissed in public, then it was the rejection he experienced and then the HIV possibility he might be infected.

There's a scripture in the Bible that says, "For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed." (John 3:20) When I think of what must've been going on with this guy is exactly what this says - He hated gay people because they were free to be who they are and free to love who they love, all the while he's in the closet (in darkness) and resents them for being proud and living their life as they see fit. He was living a double life and probably grew up hating being gay and/or not wanting to accept his truth.

If his wife really knew that he was about to go off then I hope they charge her and put her in prison. How do you not come forward? That's totally a rhetorical question because it doesn't make sense to me.

I wish I had an answer to resolve this issue from happening again in the future. All we can do is donate, be supportive, be understanding, teach our next generation tolerance and most of all love 'til no tomorrow. Love is love and love conquers all. God bless ❤︎