Friday, October 21, 2016

Put Your Positive Pants On

This week was quite strange for me for a few reasons.

Not having my car for 3 entire days, felt like a lifetime, but all the while I'm thankful I have my family to help me so I got dropped off and picked up from work. It seriously made me feel like I was in highschool again when my stepdad picked me up at work, not gonna front.

I'm happy that I'll get to pick up my car this evening and I've gotten progress pictures from the guy who fixed it so it's looking really good, as if no accident touched it. Yay!

I had a day off during the week and although it was nice because I accomplished a bunch of tasks, it was nice to get an extended break after having a 3 day weekend.

Once I got back to work, ideas were still flowing in my head and I talked with a coworker who's in HR about what I was feeling. She recommended I write a proposal and send it to my director and so I did after getting my supervisor's input.

Well the next day, the director told me she wants to setup a meeting with me early next week to discuss in further details what I recommended in my proposal. So that's super exciting because I know that I'm making an impact at my workplace and people are listening. Instead of dwelling and complaining like I have been, I put on my positive pants and took action. {I got that quote from my girl Saha}

Being how next week is my birthday week, I think this will be a great way to kick off my birthday.

I have plans to finally go to the State Fair of Texas on Sunday with a date so I'm excited. It has been too long since my last visit {4 years} so it's about time to go back. I'm not into getting on the rides, I'm more of a foodie who wants to eat all the fried goodness, go to shows, take pics, shop and people watch.

Hope y'all have a great weekend! xo

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Blog Posts Swimming In My Head...

It's amazing how ideas can take a hold of you and all of a sudden it is all you think about. It's like having a serious crush and you can't wait to make it come to life so that you can marry it or whatever. There's been so many times I want to write about so many things, but when I stare at the computer screen, my mind goes blank. It's really frustrating because I know what I want to say but the words escape me somehow. If I succeed though, it may overwhelm you guys. I stumbled upon a blog challenge that's going on this month on Alyssa Goes Bang. So today I decided to go ahead and throw it all together in hopes to at least share a bit of what's on my mind before I chicken out again and crawl back into my cave of unwritten posts.

The Book Review
I've been meaning to write a book review for The Betches book, but I haven't gotten around to it. I must say I'm rusty in writing book reviews because I don't know if I should keep it short, or do it super long like I did my last book review. The struggle!

The Gmail Tutorial
A year ago, I told my girl Kelly (from Six One Six) that I was going to do a tutorial on how to organize your Gmail. I suck at that because I get freaked out of having to take screenshots and take good step by step photos and then write it out, so then I squash it in my head. Bleh.

Online Dating Sucks
I'm burned out from dating. Tinder is nothing but a disappointment. This guy I liked ghosted me over the weekend and didn't take me to that fancy shmancy restaurant. He really disappeared and deleted me from Tinder and FB. Jerk. He was probably married or got back with his boo thang, whatevs. I didn't want to write a post on that because it's always the same BS.

Though I will say I recently met someone who may help me get my car fixed for cheap because the body shop I took it to, wants to charge me an arm and a leg. Do I look rich to them or something? The insurance didn't pay for it and I'm contemplating on getting a lawyer involved to make them change their mind and pay me! That lady who hit me was at fault, this is bananas that things are where they are.

Idea to Move to Miami, Florida
There's a few reasons I want this move to happen:
I want to be closer to PR so that I can visit my biological dad. He still lives there and lately is having a hard time health wise, so I need to be able to book a flight that won't cost me a ridiculous amount of money and I can be back by Monday.

Let's be honest, Dallas is great but I need to desperately get out of my comfort zone. I am over all these little neighborhoods and everyone I used to hang out with already moved away from Dallas, so now it's my turn. For some reason, a lot of my friends who moved away found their new boo's and I need to find mine, it's driving me crazy (7 years single will do that, maybe I have the 7 year itch?).

I don't have anything holding me back here in Dallas (job wise). I'm not passionate about what I do day to day and my soul cries (silently) every second I'm there.

I want to be around diverse cultures and be around my Puerto Rican people. Something about hanging out with them just brings me joy and laughter and the food? Don't mention it.

New Blog Design
It's not a blog post, but I'm thinking of revamping my blog especially since my birthday and blog's 2nd birthday is coming up. We shall see.

Take More Self Portraits 
I see a few bloggers take a lot of pictures of themselves and I totally suck at delivering on mine. I somehow feel like a phony because I don't want to look like I'm staging a pose, I want it to look natural and somehow you can get a sense of who I am and not who I want to be. Make sense?

Find My Passion
Been wanting to write about how I need to find my passion again. Whether it be diving back into my singing, making this blog thrive, finally get back into the gym and become a gym bunny (gym rat sounds gross), join a running club, take more pictures of things I love, maybe consider getting a dog in the near future again, travel and reunite with the ocean (I haven't seen a beach since 2008 in San Diego, that's insane). I just need to find those things that make me come alive. I feel like my light bulb went out and I need a new spark to ignite the flame I know that's within.

Birthday Wishlist
I think every now and then bloggers share what they want for their birthday. Mine are pretty simple, I want my car fixed for cheap and maybe even throw in a spoiler to give it a sporty look. I want veneers for my birthday! I went to the dentist last week and he said my insurance may cover it if they file it under decalcification. Free grill? Yes please!

That just about does it. What posts or topics have sunk like the Titanic for y'all? Do tell! Any of these posts you want me to write, just tweet me or comment. I'll consider depending on who requests, jk.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Insecure Married Women Need to Leave Me Alone

Something you should know about me is that I despise when men lie. When they lie to people about their marital status to make themselves appear available, when they are dating someone and lie about their intentions and give excuses to cover up that they're seeing someone else. A lie is a lie is a lie.

I am the worst person to be lied to because I can tell when someone is flat out lying. I seriously should've been a detective or a real life Jessica Jones (private investigator), because I can see beneath the surface whereas other people straight up miss what's really going down.

Now this skill of mine only came about when I became single. When I was in a long term relationship however, I had no idea if my boyfriend at the time was lying to me, even though I saw the signs. I never found out the truth, but I bet you he was probably doing something behind my back, I just never caught him.

Since I've been single throughout the years, I've learned men's behavior and found out the truth when they lied. Sometimes to get to the truth though, I would put myself in really bad situations that could've totally gone left field, but thankfully I had a guardian angel watching over me.

What I also despise is women who are insecure. Specifically married women who somehow think they're husbands are God's gift and that's not even the case, not even close.

Recently, I got a text from a married woman who came at me very incorrect. She started out asking me what the nature of my relationship is with her husband (who I used to work with) and then towards the end of the message, she's guilt tripping me into telling her the truth of what she thinks is true.

This woman is obviously insecure because in her message she painted a picture that I did this or I looked at her a certain way when in reality I never even made eye contact with this woman! It made me feel like she was attacking me by making up this story in her puny brain, when I didn't do any of it.

I loved how at the end she made it about her by saying why would I do this to her? What has she done to deserve this? Did I consider her feelings?

Are you serious right now? Those questions sound like something she should be asking her own husband. I do not know her from Adam, so why is she asking me those questions? I'm not obligated to tell her anything because I'm not the one in the marriage.

I feel like a lot of times, women are quick to blame the other woman (I'm not the mistress at all, just saying), when the culprit is their damn husbands! He took the vows to love you and he's the one breaking those vows. Leave me out of it!!!

The truth of the matter is is that I only had a colleague relationship with him and he trained me on what to do to be successful in the car business. Some of you know that that industry didn't pan out for me so I left. I was the only girl who worked at the dealership, so to an insecure married woman, of course I'm a threat.

I had nothing to do with her marriage or why she somehow thinks him and I had something going on. It seriously disgusts me because as some of you know, I was getting hit on by a lot of married men (that were my customers) and I am not about that life!

I will never ever be a side chick because I know I deserve better.

As a matter of fact, one of my customers' wife called my cellphone one night saying that she knew I sold a car to her husband and she wanted to ask me something. The call got cut off (my guardian angel must've hung it up) and I'm thankful for that because I wouldn't know how to respond to such a ridiculous scenario. I knew what she would've asked me, which is what my former colleague's wife asked me in this message.

What these bored ass wives need to do is hire a private investigator if they want to find out the dirt they are suspecting. I think that would be more effective than to go around and contacting people who are innocent of what they are being accused of because this is seriously an ongoing thing and I'm tired of it.

So you know I blocked the woman's number from messaging me again and I will not respond because sometimes no response is the best response. What she's asking me is so ridiculous, I wouldn't even know where to start. If I respond, it's gonna open the door for a conversation that I really don't care for. I got more important things to deal with in my life than this ridiculousness.

If I were to respond, I would drag her through the mud so bad, she wouldn't even know how to find herself, or how to get home. She would be a lost puppy by the time my words do her in because that's how much my words can damage a person. But because I am a good hearted person and I am innocent of this nonsense, I will remain silent.

Honesty is the best policy, but silence is golden.

I will spare her from my tongue that could wreak havoc because she deserved it for coming at me like she did.

Instead I will vent on my blog about these insecure woes and how they need to have several seats.

Not gonna lie, but when I first read her message around 6am (which her message came in at 2:30am) {heffa must've been drunk}, to get myself a drink of water, I thought she was saying she's going to try and locate me and get physical with me. I read it one more time because my eyes were still very sleepy and she said she is NOT going to try to locate me and get physical. Phew. I was about to call the cops on her to show this as evidence! I do not take threats lightly and these women really need to stop.

They are making themselves not only look insecure, but so pathetic for accusing folks of things they know nothing of, or even know the folks they're accusing.

I almost feel like I need to hide my Facebook profile and all my social media because she's probably not going to stop. They can be relentless, when they should really use all that energy to hire a professional, seek therapy and/or speak to a divorce lawyer.

Has anyone experienced this where insecure women/men come at you out of nowhere like this?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hi October! It's me, Bella

In case y'all were wondering, I'm still alive and kicking.

Usually I would blog about October goals and things I love about fall, but I haven't had any desire to even take my brain in that direction. I guess you could say a lot has been happening that it just kills any blog-worthy fall post to even come about.

So what's been going on on my neck of the woods? Well, I recently gave into my shopping impulses and got myself an iPad Air as an early birthday present. I also ordered a gold iPad Air Case from Amazon and I was shocked when I got it in the mail because it is a big ol' case! I was thinking the iPad Air was small like the iPad mini. That was my fault obviously for not paying attention to the specifications.

Here's the case, it's so fabulous right?
I figured having a bigger iPad wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. I also got more space because I was clearly running out on my iPad mini and so I got the 64 GB... and I love it!

My baby sis' birthday is this weekend coming up. I'm gonna gift her my iPad mini since she's not big on computers, but I know this little gadget will come in handy for her. She's already ecstatic and I'm glad that I was still able to give her something even if it's used. It's the thought that counts right?

Went to the dentist last week and got my regular cleaning. I found out my blood pressure went down so that was a relief. I'm not sure if I mentioned that here on my blog but for the past year my BP was higher than what I wanted it to be. Guess being around family on the daily has helped me to not stress out as much.

I started reading The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty and so far I'm intrigued. I've seen bloggers read this book and recommended it so it was about time I read it. I'm not ashamed to admit I bought it earlier this year and I'm just now getting around to reading it. Sorry not sorry. I can be a bit of a book hoarder.

My car is still waiting on repairs since I last posted I was in a car accident. I surprisingly miss my car and although the Fiat I'm driving is neat, it's not very comfortable. I love shifting the gears though to give me that umph on the road.

I have tickets to go to the State Fair of Texas and I may just go this weekend since I'm off for three glorious days! Oh and I also got myself a date with this nice guy, he's taking me to a fancy shmancy restaurant in Dallas called Eddie V's. I'm pumped!

Going back to the gym this week and my sister is coming along. I need to get back into my old clothes because I don't want to shop for {bigger} clothes, ya feel me? My goal is to shed at least 20 lbs by January. Anyone on the same boat as me? Let's encourage each other!

I may pop in later this week, but don't hold your breaths. I am reading and commenting on people's blogs though so it's not like I left blogland altogether.

I couldn't help but throw in this cute graphic because fall!

Friday, September 30, 2016

See Ya September

Yesterday my day did not start on a good note. I absolutely hate traffic and I'm glad today is the last day I'll deal with it because starting next week my schedule is going to be 10am to 6:30pm. I wouldn't hate it as much if people were courteous to one another and yesterday I didn't get any kind of courtesy when entering the freeway. When the person behind me who was also getting on also had the nerve to not let me in, well, that's when the car accident happened.

I got rear ended and I'm fine, my car is still drivable, but it still sucks. I have a feeling this dispute will be resolved and their insurance will cover the damages. In the meantime, I have to play the waiting game and see when I'll get to take it to the shop.

It wasn't that long ago when I got into my last accident, which was 5 months ago. Something tells me this car I have now must be cursed. I think it could also be that in my mind I don't want this car so all these bad things keep happening to it. You know that whole law of attraction kind of thing, which is very real.

Whatever your thoughts are, they will manifest itself and/or come to life. Anyone also believe that? I need to read the book The Secret and I think there's a movie on it too.

Speaking of books, I finally finished The Betches' book I Had a Nice Time And Other Lies...: How to find love & sh*t like that, but I haven't gotten around to doing the review. I'm gonna work on that next.

Now that October is approaching though, I am getting more and more excited because it's my blog's birthday and my birthday month, as well as my favorite time of year. I can only hope that things will get better from here on out, starting with getting to sleep in next week!

I have a 3 day weekend and I'm going to savor it as much as I can.

Goodbye September! It's been real.