My Ex Marries & This Was My Surprising Reaction

This is my birthday week and I can’t believe I’m gonna turn 35. When I tell people I’m in my mid thirties, they’re always stunned. They always think I’m in my mid twenties so hey, I’ll take it! I still get carded when I go to bars, etc. Not that I’ve gone recently, I’m actually cutting back (that will be another post for another day). Celebrating my birthday in a new city is gonna be interesting. Yet, I’m excited because I’m gonna paint the town. I’m gonna treat myself and hopefully spend it with my new friends from work that are absolute gems. I feel such gratitude that I’m so blessed and life just keeps getting better. Come November, I’ll be able to celebrate with my love and I’m so thankful.

Pretty soon you’re gonna see more pictures of me. I’ve been busy working that I haven’t had time to take photos for my blog. The picture above is from a few years ago when I first did ombre on my hair. I was thinking of doing it again, but part of me wants to dye it completely dark brown (my natural hair color).

Work has been going pretty smooth. I love my new job and the people I work with. I made some sales earlier this month, which felt great because I went through a slump last month. Sales is always such the rollercoaster, but I love the ride. It challenges me.

Lately I’ve been such a ball of love and emotions. I had lunch with this couple at work and they told me how they met and 3 months later they got married. It made me so happy, I started crying. The wife came and hugged me and told me it’s gonna be okay. I know it will be, it’s just hard right now.

Then I found out my ex Sidney got married to this Indian girl about a year ago and they now have a baby. For the longest time, I thought when I’d find out he moved on, that I would be upset or devastated. But surprisingly, I felt such happiness and so happy for him. I have a good memory and so when I saw her name, I remembered who she was. He met her at his nursing job, she was there for him when him and I broke up. When he told me about her back then, somehow I had a feeling she would be someone special to him and my heart sunk. He assured me they’re just friends, but I knew different. So funny how I wasn’t wrong. Scorpios are very intuitive (almost psychic) and we can almost see things that people miss completely.

I really am happy for him. It gave me such hope that we each found who we’re supposed to be with. I even shared it with my mom and she almost got emotional. He looks so happy and it made me thankful to God that he found a good woman. Not just a good woman, but she is GORGEOUS. He is very lucky, haha. Don’t get me started on the baby, omg, my ovaries almost burst. So, so adorable.

It also made me realize I really am in love with Ryan. If I wasn’t, I would be bitter and angry after finding these news out. I felt such relief that I really did move on because even though we broke up almost ten years ago, it’s something that stays with you for a long time. You don’t spend half your youth with someone, without feeling like they are still very much a part of you, a part of who you are now.

I’m gonna write more letters to Ryan, but I’m gonna keep them private and not publish them. Maybe in the future I’ll share them on my blog, but no for now.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week! I know this week is going to be epic. Feel free to send me Starbucks, just sayin. Email is on my contact page.