What I Look Forward To In October

I could not be any more ecstatic that it’s finally October. I’m like a kid waking up on Christmas morning. October is seriously one of my favorite months because not only is it my birthday month, it is my birthday month. I kid I kid. Seriously though there are so many cool things happening in October. Breast cancer awareness is this month.. then there’s the State Fair of Texas opening up for us to be kids again for a day or two.. other people’s birthdays because that’s how it normally is.. {my baby sis’ birthday is on the 15th and a few of my friends’ birthdays are this month too}.

Last but not least H a l l o w e e n!

Even though I worked late yesterday, I stopped by the Dollar Tree store and got some wickedly cool decorations that I will put up on my work desk. I’ve never decorated my work desk for Halloween so I figured why not? My work allows it and it’s pretty awesome. I hear they even do a desk decorating contest.

I can’t decide if I want to go on a Halloween Thriller cruise to the Bahamas my birthday weekend, or if I wanna stay in town and party it up. I also need to start thinking of Halloween costume ideas. Decisions, decisions.

A few of the items I got: stickers, candy corn lights, spider webs, vampire blood magnets, two Halloween theme tealights, three little plush toys; the skull one lights up through the eyes. The other one is a spider and my fave is a furry owl. BTW, excuse my foot’s photobombing, hashtag rude.

There can’t be no Halloween celebration without some good ol’ candy! Yum! I will try my hardest not to put my hand too much in the cat jar. Meow!

What are y’all looking forward to this month in October?