Weekend Recap: Things I Heart

I legit did not take any pictures this weekend and that’s a first. I figured I would post pics of things I hearted on We Heart It to bring life into this post.

This weekend I went on two dates. I realized I can’t date guys younger than me, not even if they’re two years younger. I’ll stick to dating older guys because at least I can learn something from them.

Watched Game of Thrones on Sunday and I’m so glad it’s back. Anyone watch it? What did you think?

I love cookies and was seriously craving some cookies/cookie dough. I need to buy a tub soon and keep it in the freezer for emergencies.

Can’t go wrong with white nails and gold glitter! I recently got my nails done with my friend (she treated me) and I’m guessing I’ll be back to getting my nails done. So addicting!

I haven’t seen the ocean in almost ten years. I miss it, I miss the smell, the sound, everything. Growing up with the ocean near by to then live in a city with no ocean is very drastic. Next trip will be an ocean bound spot.

Marilyn, my fave. Just heart this pic because it’s not one that I’ve seen before yet it’s timeless and fabulous.

I’m really hoping this week will be better than last. I’m so tired of being in this rut, it’s seriously not living. Anyway, how was your weekend? Link up with Lisa and I!