Weekend Recap: My Kind of Holiday

It’s been an amazing last couple of days or should I say my kind of holiday. Being off for 5 days straight has been so nice and I’m glad in two more days I’ll be off for another 5 days! It’s been pure bliss just watching movies, hanging out with family and friends, sleeping in and lounging around the house not doing a thing! I definitely wanna recap my Christmas and weekend all in one swoop so I hope you’ll also do the same by linkin’ up with Lisa and I for Weekend Recap!

Yours truly on Saturday night

Christmas was wonderful as I got to first spend it with one of my newest friends and then leaving that gathering to join my own family at my mom’s house. This year it was more low key so we didn’t have our traditional dinner, but I brought some leftovers from my friend’s dinner. Santa got me the two things I had asked for which was a crockpot and a mirror. The crockpot took me by surprise because I had no idea that it was gonna have Bella’s touch on it.

See! I’m not afraid to admit that I screamed my head off when I unwrapped this gift! Here is my mirror and it’s not too shabby because I can put it against my closet door and it’s also white to match my computer desk. Now I’ll get to do OOTD pics from top to bottom.

On Christmas day I went over to Melanie’s family’s house and enjoyed their company. Mel’s mom made prime rib with spinach and homemade mashed potatoes. It was so delicious, especially the Hawaiian sweet roll. I also had my first taste of reindeer food. Have y’all ever had it? Pretty addicting stuff.

On Sunday Melanie and I went to church and loved all the holiday decor they had on display.

Later that night I watched more movies on Netflix and now on Season 2 of Arrow. I also wanted to show off my new iPhone 6 case. I actually got this baby for free on Amazon for redeeming my Amazon rewards from my credit card.

After I got home from church, I pulled out my keys to get into my place and noticed my key was bent like this. I only had it in my purse for a few hours so I’m not sure how in the world this happened, but it’s really disturbing and mind boggling. I went to the apartment office and got a new key thankfully, but this is something out of twilight zone.

Over the weekend I watched Interstellar and Unbroken. I must say both were amazing movies. Particularly, Interstellar blew my socks right off! I loved it so much, it’s officially one of my favorite movies of 2014.

Did you guys have a good Christmas? Link up and do tell!

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