Weekend Recap: I’m A Bad Ass

I think it’s funny how fashion can make you or break you. I’d like to think this fashion statement of my black leather jacket was totally making me on Friday night, or should I say a la Whitneynailed it!“. I got so many compliments, it was making me feel like I was part of the cast of Grease or something.

Anyway, let me recap the rest of my weekend with my fabulous co-host Lisa!

Last week I had a dream that I was taking shots of fireball so I had been craving fireball and finally got to stop by the liquor store and got me a bottle. It was so delicious, especially mixed with coke. Of course I also bought a bottle of Hpnotiq because I really liked it from the last time Ava and I had our little shindig. It was not any different this night as Ava and I were in party mode and we even made a trip to a bar. We have been such home bodies that we were having cabin fever. So it was just us and it was a great time.

Saturday night I was feeling old and had zero energy to step out so I went to Starbucks. I thought my internet would have been hooked up all day Saturday, but same shit happened where they came and left because the phone room was locked. Mind you I had the reps notate for them to call me before coming, but of course they didn’t! So they might come back out today, but of course I’ll be at work but they said I don’t have to be home. Damn straight! I waited all day Saturday for them and at this point it’s getting ridiculous. You know I’ll be on their ass like white on rice when I demand they give me a free month because it’s been 3 weeks now that I haven’t had service. My mind is blown.

In hindsight, I found a new Starbucks I really like especially because they stay open late unlike the one I would normally go to. Also the baristas are nicer and are not douchelords like the douche at the other location I would go to. He’s a douche because he didn’t want to give me my birthday drink because I didn’t have some code that he could put in. Whatever.

Baby Sebastian got his haircut on Saturday morning, but I forgot to take a pic of his cuteness.

Sunday I slept in and it was amazing! I can’t tell you how much this girl loves her beauty sleep. I went to Starbucks again and worked on a new layout! Bam! Ready for Valentine’s Day! Due to lack of internet access the layout will be a work in progress, but I really like how much I got done so far.

While I was there working my magic on my blog layout, I got a text from Pedro. My eyes almost fell out of my eye sockets because it’s been awhile since we last spoke. He wanted to see me so you know me, hopeless romantic Bella who is missing this man, met up with him. I guess we made up and will keep talking/dating again? I don’t know why I’m subjecting myself to giving this another shot, but honestly it feels right. I had like three guys trying to talk to me the past three weeks and I never cared for any of them because I wanted Pedro. This was our first big kink in our flow so we’ll see if things will still be good from now on or not.

Sunday night I attended an event at a fancy hotel in downtown Dallas. I was this lady’s guest and I got a free bracelet out of it so I was not gonna turn that down, oh and free booze. I only had one glass thank you. Trying to watch my figure over here. In the pic, I’m wearing this fabulous necklace and bracelet to match. It was fun playing with jewelry, which I’m thinking I will be making a decision soon to sign up with this company. More details on that on another post!

In the mix of all this mayhem that was my weekend, I started watching The Twilight Saga all over again. I’m on Eclipse right now and next will be Breaking Dawn Part I, even though I watched Part II the other day. I gotta get creative since I have no way of accessing the internet, no Netflix, no ABC shows to catch up on.. but I do love how clean I have been keeping my new place. Let’s see if I can maintain it when I actually get connected to the interwebs!

How was your weekend?

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