Weekend Recap: Date, Netflix, #MCM

Good morning beauties! I am so excited for this upcoming week because things are unraveling and I don’t want to jinx it. Before I get ahead of myself though, first things first; weekend recap! Join us and link up your weekend shenans with Lisa and I.

You are not gonna believe this, because I hardly can, but uh, Miss Bella went on a date! That’s all I will say because I don’t want to lead y’all on, just know I had a good time. I managed to take a selfie on the go because I rushed out the door after taking almost two hours. Let’s just say that night makeup with a smokey eye really takes forever and a day.

That’s really the only pic I took all weekend so blame it on Netflix if you will because I pretty much had a movie marathon. I watched Call Me Crazy, Forces of Nature (oldie but goodie) and the rest were from my movie app; The Single Mom’s Club, The Other Woman and Foxcatcher.

The Other Woman was a pretty good movie. Sometimes chick flicks are a must have because it’s good to laugh once in awhile.

It also occurred to me that Netflix should release the Sex And The City episodes because those would be on nonstop. They released Friends, why not SATC right? Just sayin.

Ladies, I don’t know about you but I have a new crush; Ryan Guzman. Most of you may know who he is because of the new movie, The Boy Next Door. I also didn’t know of him until this movie, then I realized I had seen him on Pretty Little Liars! and so my crush is born. I have to go see The Boy Next Door again because when Melanie and I saw it, we were on the very front row as if we were VIP. We were all up in JLO’s business! I love Ryan Guzman and I don’t care who knows it! #MCM

I saw this pic over the weekend and it took my breath away. Gosh, I miss the ocean.

Anywho, how was your weekend? Hopefully more eventful than mine!