Weekend Before Christmas

Good morning loves! I am so excited this is the week of Christmas aka shortest week ever, as I will be off for 3 days into the weekend!

Friday – I didn’t do much, but go to this cute coffee shop restaurant with my friend/MK director Audrey. We didn’t wrap up until the restaurant closed, which is no surprise because time flies when I’m around this chick.

Saturday – I wasn’t feeling well so I slept in until almost 2pm. I started feeling better and lounged around watching movies and catching up on my shows. Finally around 6, I got the urge to leave my place and headed to visit one of my friends I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks. Then once I got home, I started taking off my gel off my nails and wanted to do my own nails in a Christmas-y color so here’s the end result.

OPI’s Perfect Red and Getting Miss Piggy With It as the glitter top color. Love it! Also, watched Hercules (who doesn’t love The Rock!), and The One I Love. Finally went to bed around 2am. Blame it on the nail polish drying time.

Sunday – Woke up late to go to church, but I was determined to go! This was a new church I haven’t been to, but once I got there it was great. I’ve been on a mission to find a church and this one is pretty close to being the church I want to get planted on so I’ll go again next weekend. When they sang, the girl sounded a lot like Sarah McLachlan so yeah it made me cry, which is a good sign.

Went to Starbucks to get bloggy things off my checklist and met some guy who offered to buy me another drink. I only asked for a grande size and he came back with a venti. Not bad for the holiday season and all right? He seemed like he was into me, but as I had said in my previous post, I kissed dating goodbye and so I wasn’t trying to flirt back or anything. I just treated him like a friend and who knows, that may make him more drawn to me but I digress…

I got some awesome sauce news after I got home from my MK Director. She told me one of my friends who recently joined placed her first order, which makes her active, which makes me a Star Team Builder status aka Red Jacket!!! I’m a red jacket now and I am so freakin’ ecstatic! We have a huge event in January and I’m gonna get recognized. I can’t wait! All my hard work seems to be paying off and now I just gotta keep the momentum going.

I want the jacket in the middle, what do you think? It seriously makes me feel like a Pretty Little Liar, ha!

That was my weekend before Christmas so I’m ready for whatever this week has in store. Link up your weekend with Lisa and I!