Wedding Weekend in Galveston

I’m back you guys! This weekend was much needed to get my mind back on track and at the same time celebrate a big life event in my friend’s life. At first things weren’t coming together and I had a freakout moment where I didn’t think it would be possible for me to make the trip. I even had to say a prayer because Lord knows I needed to be there. No ifs ands or buts!

Because things weren’t coming together right away and also the fact that I procrastinated the night before, I didn’t leave at the ideal time. Does anyone ever though when going on a road-trip? I like to think you always leave later than the set goal, but I digress.

I couldn’t leave Dallas without first finding my dress. That was my number one priority and not even being able to get my nails done really bugged me, but the dress is what matters because hardly anyone will notice nails. So I went to Ross and I found the dress I was looking for except they didn’t have it in my size. Typical situation as Ross is first come first serve. Then I came across this beautiful wrap quarter sleeve v-neck, knee high dress with tropical leaf print with the most vibrant color palette known to man so I knew that was it. Then to put the icing on the cake, it was only $16.99. Yes, please.

Once that was done, I finally left around 12:30pm. I was also trying to figure out how to pay for the hotel because they were charging me the morning of my check-in and I was thinking it wasn’t going to charge until check out time. So anyway, everything fell into place and I was on my way to Galveston.

I got to Galveston around 5pm and the wedding started at 6:30pm. I still had to wash my hair and that’s what I get for procrastinating. So I missed the wedding ceremony and that was not a good thing, but I kept thinking it was a miracle I was even able to make it out here. Either way I was thankful and I made it to the reception.

The first five minutes I was there I didn’t see anyone I recognized. Then suddenly I started seeing her cousins, aunts and her dad, which I know all of them. It was nice running into them and seeing their kids all grown up, which made me feel old because last time I saw them they were months old and now they were preteens.

That was the centerpiece at my table, wow! I sat at this table with other people and of course I had an empty seat next to me, which you guys know who that was meant for.

Anyway, I drank enough wine to help me relax and the food was pretty delicious. The entree was grilled chicken with cheese on top, mashed potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, artichoke, and asparagus. Then came in the wedding cake and it was really good.

I finally got a picture {selfie} with the beautiful bride Melissa! I still can’t believe she got married and I couldn’t help but be emotional when I told her what I wanted to say if I had gotten up to propose a toast. Believe it or not, her and I share the same birthday and I think that was a God wink. Every year we get to say happy birthday to each other and it’s so special.

Also, not only have I known her for 13 years, but I met her when I went to Houston to audition for American Idol. Even though I didn’t make it, I think the point of that trip was to meet her. If I hadn’t been brave enough to give it a shot with my singing, I would have never met her. No matter what, I know that she’ll always be in my life and I’m so thankful for that.

I didn’t catch the bouquet like I had hoped, but the girl who sat next to me ended up catching it.

We danced the night away and shut the hotel bar down until 2am. Then made a trip to iHop next door and it rained on us a little so my hair got wet (oh well). I don’t even remember what I ate, but I think I had eggs with french toast.

A tropical bird named Phydelis, resident of the San Luis Resort. I thought he was fake until he said hi to me.

Then after that we all said our goodbyes around 4am and I drove to the beach since it was all in the same area. I got my feet wet in the water and the little waves came to say hey girl. Galveston definitely didn’t disappoint. Even though it’s not like a spectacular beach, I can still appreciate it. It reminded me of a lake more than anything.

I loved the small palm trees and this beautiful flower that reminds me of Puerto Rico. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up with a crazy hangover and I was smart enough to bring ibuprofen.

So I headed back to Dallas around 12:30pm and my heart was full and overjoyed for having made this trip. Now I’m itching to go out of town this 3 day weekend, but I’m not sure yet.

How was your weekend loves?