You Don’t Choose Love, It Chooses You

This weekend was bittersweet in so many ways. Where do I even begin? There were a mix of great moments and not so great moments, but all in all I know that things will eventually work themselves out. Even though September just began, I’m already learning many tough lessons and finding stable ground has been difficult, but I know once I accomplish what I set out to do, it will all be worth it. Good things worth having don’t come easy right? That’s what I’m going with.

Some of you who subscribe to my newsletter already know my big news, but I thought I’d finally share about it here on my blog today.

I have a boyfriend. His name is Ryan and he’s so sweet, kind, easy going, super confident, a gentleman, funny, and extremely good looking. He’s Indian and part Portuguese from Long Island, New York. He actually speaks a little Spanish, it’s impressive. He loves bachata and listening to Spanish music. He also sings, which is unbelievable because he sings so good! He’s never been married, no kids.

We met at work and when we went on our first date, our connection was instant. I didn’t have any expectations as you guys know, I gave up on dating and was just going to focus on my job and getting my own place.

He introduced himself and was making serious eye contact with me. I guess he caught me looking at him in the break room and he introduced himself. When he asked me out to dinner, I was for it. I told him to meet me at this little Argentinian restaurant off 6th Street called Buenos Aires Cafe. They have the best empanadas and amazing crepes for dessert.

We had a great first date because our chemistry was there and we had such great conversation. I was surprised how well we connected and how easy he was to talk to. He called me that night and we talked some more. He wanted to see me again the next day so we hung out the next day and the day after that.

On our third date that same weekend, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Even before it happened, I had a feeling he was going to ask me to be his girl, I just felt it. To my surprise, I was right because he did.

The day he asked me to be his girlfriend (which was on our 3rd date)

I didn’t have any doubts, it just felt right. I’m a pretty good judge of character and I knew that Ryan is a good guy.

The following week, I pretty much told my close friends at work that the date was not only a success, but he’s my boyfriend now. My friends were happy for me and said that we make a cute couple.

I introduced him to my BFF Roman, and Roman was shocked, but still liked him. They got along well and Ryan really liked him.

Now we’ll get to experience Austin together and I’m excited! New city, new job, new place, new man! Moving to Austin is by far the best decision I ever made. I want to live here the rest of my life.

I’m in love with Austin, Tacos, Gelato and Ryan.