Things I ❤ Tuesday: First of 2012

Hello lovelies! I bring you the first edition of Things I love Tuesday for 2012. 

I have been thinking about how much I’ve missed reading, and I saw this challenge on and I had to take it on. If you’re a bookworm such as myself, you should also join in! This month I’m going to finish reading “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, since I really want to see the movie. I figured I can handle one book a month, because 25 books in 2012 is way out of my reach. I thought it was funny at the bottom how it said, “You read 1 book last year”. 

I just got these in the mail today.. LOVE! I especially love them because they were FREE. Ok? Free.99! LOL. I racked up 1,000 credits in Shoedazzle the past year, and redeemed my shoe credit to get these babies. Aren’t they deliciously elegant? My stems can’t wait to rock them!
I’m such a Netflix addict, it’s actually kinda sad. All weekend I finished season 2 and 3 of United States of Tara. I love that show! and I’m sad that it got cancelled, but really, how many more times do we have to witness poor Tara split into a million more alters and drive her family mad like her? Yeah, not so much. 
I found the video of one of the characters’ YouTube sensation, Princess Valhalla Hawkwind. She plays the daughter of Tara, and she met this comic book artist whom she bonded with, and they decided to bring one of the comic characters, Valhalla Hawkwind to life, by filming the video.
I love the new Facebook timeline! It took me about a week to start liking it, because I was used to how it was before, and now I converted and love it! It feels more personalized, and almost like your own website because of how you get to put up this cover photo, and your profile pic is now smaller to sorta take the focus of you, if you will. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do, even though I think pretty soon everyone’s profiles will automatically change to the timeline style.
What are you loving lately?