That Golden Life – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas y’all! Christmas is here at last and I couldn’t be happier. To get to sleep in has been such a blessing and I love lounging around in my PJ’s all day, then start the day around 5 to get some more good eats and go to the movies.

I got everything I wanted for Christmas this year and then some. I was also glad that I got to give my family some presents this year even though times have been tough. When I say tough, tough probably doesn’t begin to cover it. But that’s okay because this is only temporary and it’s not gonna keep being like this.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to buy myself anything for Christmas. Again, tough times, but the other day Shoedazzle sent me a package in the mail which completely surprised me and they gave me a $39.95 credit so I went online and almost got these black leather boots, but I felt like I needed something more that I could wear every day and here was this lovely handbag that totally had my name on it.

Isn’t it gorgeous?! When I saw the zebra on the inside, that was it for me. I knew it was my Christmas present to myself sorta speak. 

I’m just grateful that I have my health, new opportunities in the works, my family lives close, I have a roof over my head, friends that are true gems, and delicious food that I can’t get enough of. So yeah I’d say I’m living that golden life because I’m living my life like it’s golden, because it is.

You’re golden, I’m golden, it’s all good!

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