Super Bowl Shenanigans

Happy Monday y’all! I know I’m late posting but blame it on the Super Bowl because things got a little wild last night; and by wild I mean, going to my girl Lisa’s place, having our own little Super Bowl party with just us and her cat and then stepping out to the bar down the street.

We ended up at a gay bar and I actually had been there, but it’s been years since I last went. There were male dancers there and to my surprise a lot of them were straight. One of them I was completely smitten by was from Europe and of course is married with kids. My friend Lisa is so crazy she asked him how much could she pay him for one night and he politely declined. I can’t believe she asked him that but that could’ve been the alcohol talking.

So yeah Super Bowl was fun, I only watched a little of the game and loved the half time show! Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Chris from Coldplay did a great performance.

This weekend I watched The Walk, The Gift and Southpaw. All good movies and I was pretty relaxed on my bed, also caught up on lost sleep and I feel pretty rejuvenated today!

How was your weekend loves? Link up with Lisa and I!