Stop and Smell The Roses

After this weekend, I can’t help but feel so blessed. I haven’t talked much about what’s going on in my life lately except for the regular weekend recaps, but today I’m gonna put a spin on it.

A week or so ago, I took my car to get an oil change. Granted, I took way too long to get it done, but I finally did and not even 2 days later my car starts to overheat out of nowhere. The last time a car overheated on me, fumes were coming out from under the hood and I was left stranded on the side of the road. Thankfully, some homeless people pushed my car out of the street and safely into a McDonald’s parking lot. This was my stepdad’s old BMW that never made it back to life.

So you can imagine how panicked I was as I’m heading to work, my own car could die on me indefinitely and I doubt there will be homeless people to bail me out this time. When that incident happened I was a 20 something college student so here I am hoping for the best.

I took my car to the dealer because even though I tried putting coolant in it, it was still overheating and just about giving me a heart attack. The dealer took it on a Thursday and they literally had it for 9 days since I finally got to pick it up this weekend on Saturday.

Basically the issue was a leaky radiator and they had to order a new one, which came all the way from Korea. To my relief, this entire ordeal was covered under warranty so I didn’t have to pay a dime. Yay!

I love how they washed my car and I felt so happy to be reunited with my white mocha. The loaner was great, but my sports coupe just really makes me feel like back to myself.

Besides getting my car back and feeling blessed, I got to reunite with my good friend Ava and I really missed this girl. We went to lunch last week and then had brunch on Sunday. It honestly felt like she never left and we didn’t miss a beat. Now our next plan is for me to come visit her hopefully at the end of February. First time I’ll be in Atlanta and I’m excited.

Two movies I watched this weekend that I highly recommend: Dream/Killer and Black or White. Dream/Killer is a documentary about Ryan Ferguson who was wrongly convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. His lawyer is the same lawyer who is now representing Steven Avery so check it out! I rented it from iTunes, since it’s not on Netflix or Hulu.

Black or White was a really good movie with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer. The little girl in the movie actually goes to my church and she even went on stage the weekend the movie was coming out to talk about her experience filming with Kevin Costner.

Sunday I pretty much hung out with my family and played with my mom’s dog, who by the way, I’m obsessed with. My mom said I can borrow her and I told her if I borrow her, I won’t bring her back. I’m just sayin’.

How was your weekend? Link up your weekend with Lisa and I.