It’s been that sun one day, rain the next the past few days in Dallas. Nevertheless, I am so relieved that spring is here! Now I don’t feel too bad wearing my turquoise nail polish because it’s a spring color and it puts that pep in my step.

I still haven’t seen the Empire season finale. My plan last night was to go home and watch it and by the time I got home, it was already bed time. Boo! But best believe I will hit play on my Apple TV when I get home. Well, maybe on Saturday morning cuz I got plans tonight, haha. Have y’all seen the finale? Is it good? No spoilers!

My girl Lisa and I last night up to our old shenanigans. I haven’t seen her in a few months so it was like a mini reunion.

A few of you asked me to report about the coconut oil. I haven’t had a chance to straighten my hair due to this weather and had to style it naturally curly, but when I do it again next week I will report back. Also, I noticed that my fingers developed an allergic reaction from the coconut oil. Weird right? My fingertips were red and swollen for like a day. Need to get some gloves for the next time.

Insurgent will be out and I cannot wait to go see it! I finally watched Divergent last month and I am hooked. I think all the characters are pretty interesting and the love story is always a win/win for me. Shailene Woodley is gorg! I love her as an actress. Don’t get me started on Tobias, omg.

Looks like my Netflix weekend is gonna happen and I’m excited. Hope y’all have a fabulous Friday and have a great Spring weekend! xo