Spankin New Layout; Spring Hurry Up

When a snow day hits, guess what’s on my agenda? Blog layout makeover! Even though I had scheduled my day off, I’m sure a few peeps called in and used their paid time off and I don’t blame them. Just because it’s a little ice, not only are we not well equipped to handle such conditions but you can’t control when bad drivers really make their debut. That is something to stay way clear from.

Anywho, this lovely layout was from an Etsy shop {Pastel Feather Studio} I found and I did tweak somethings a bit to my liking and I am so happy with how it all turned out. My blog is ready for Spring/March!

I am so ready for Spring to get here. This dull, cold weather is making me really sad and that’s not okay. I don’t even want to go to work because the last three days of being at home have been nothing but wonderful. Finally tuned into House of Cards and I get lost often trying to follow the storyline because I hate politics. I do love me some Kevin Spacey and Kata Mara so I will make myself watch all of the seasons on Netflix. I don’t like Robin Wright’s character, she is one cut throat bitch and I wanna punch her in the face with her flawless makeup. That woman ages well.

Also because of this stupid snow that hit us, I wasn’t able to meet in person that girl who wanted to interview me for the SMU fashion media site. So we decided to communicate via email and I think that takes the fun out of it because I was really looking forward to it.

I wish I could just write what I am really feeling, but I have to wait it out and not jump the gun. For now, I will re-read my drafts where I really went to town and jotted it all down, including awesome pics and gifs. Probably will create a few more drafts and then decide when or if I will even publish any of it. Decisions, decisions.

I guess a cup of coffee will see me through.