When You Have a Bad Client & What To Do To GTFO

A few months ago I got my first client as a virtual assistant. I worked really hard for 2 months to get this person’s attention and I succeeded. Even her partner chose me out of all the applicants she had lined up. Awesome! The first day I felt good and felt like we made a good decision to work together. Unbeknownst¬†to me, it would get worse as the days went on.

I found out that this client was insecure and felt threatened by insinuating that I wanted to steal her following. I already have a following, I don’t need hers. Secondly, she would ask me to do certain tasks and was not very communicative on what exactly she wanted. Maybe I should’ve sent her a recap of what I think she’s asking so that we would be on the same page. Anytime I would do certain tasks, such as a post on social media, she took it down without letting me know. If you ask someone to help you with social media, why undo their work without communicating? Or asking them to edit the post?

Then the kicker came in when she wanted me to create content for her. I’m not a ghost writer so that pretty much is a done deal that I don’t possess the skills of what she’s needing. Then when I asked her to send me a job description of what it is that she needed, she didn’t do it. I should’ve asked this of her from the beginning, but I thought we were on the same page. Clearly, we weren’t.

During my interview, I asked what she would be comfortable paying me. We agreed on an amount and that my hours would increase as time went on. This was only part time for the time being. When I would let her know that these tasks she wanted me to complete would take longer than 2 hours a day, she didn’t seem to understand where I was coming from. Also, when she would mention almost every day the amount she’s paying me, it gave me the impression that she wasn’t happy paying me that amount we agreed on.

Here’s where things went south

I communicated to my client why I cannot create content. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do it because that’s absurd. Wanting to set the expectation that if I agree to do something that I do it and do it well. Not half ass. Maybe someone else would say yes and do a shitty job, but I didn’t want to set the expectation for her that I can do it and then it turns into a shitty job. That would be taking advantage of her and wasting each other’s time.

I needed her guidance on what she wanted and instead she had an attitude and even listening to her tone as she spoke to me as if I’m stupid. I ignored it because I knew there was something bigger here that’s bothering her and I just happen to be the person she’s taking this out on. All I wanted was to be open and communicate with this client on why I couldn’t be a ghost writer. That is out of my reach. If I could do that, I would be her!

Honestly, we had different perspectives on what we could work together on, but I didn’t expect them to get so angry about it. Even when I gave her the problem I was having, I provided her with a solution. For her to write her content from what she goes through on a day to day. Because that’s what her readers want to know, I know that’s what I would want to know. For her to make them feel like they are right there with her and I cannot do that for her because I’m not living her life.

Being a lifestyle blogger, you have a unique voice and unique experiences that no assistant or ghost writer can replicate.

Being a lifestyle blogger, you have a unique voice and unique experiences that no assistant or ghost writer can replicate. Click To Tweet

From the get go, it felt as if she was trying to work against me instead of working with me. Her thinking I wanted to steal her following or deleting things I worked on or making comments about what she didn’t want me to post and when I would fix it she’d say she didn’t want me to fix it. What in the world? I’m confused.

If people don’t have a clear cut idea of what they want, how can they expect someone to know for them?¬† It’s not gonna happen. I’m not a mind reader and I was still learning. I read articles where it talks about getting training and then hit the ground running, well, we didn’t do that. We just hit the ground running.

I even asked them to reconsider and let’s just take this as a bump on the road and we’ll communicate but they didn’t want to. So you know, at that point, it gets me off the hook. I know I tried everything to make this client happy and to make their life easier and instead I found myself disliking our interactions and feeling really stressed. So when she ended our working relationship, I felt sad but I knew that I don’t want to work with someone who is throwing a fit because I told them NO. Maybe they’re used to getting their way but I was looking out for her and for myself.

Bet you she won’t find someone as honest as me, who will instead screw her over. I hope not, I wish her nothing but the best, but sometimes people need to figure shit out on their own. It’s not my job to teach her that lesson.

So today I noticed she unfollowed me on Instagram so I went ahead and unfollowed her on all social media. Even after all this happened I even commented on her blog to let her know I still think she’s a cool girl. But it just goes to show you that people will not be willing to give you a chance, even if just being friends because they’re holding on to shit.

Moral of the story is to always be honest with yourself and the people you work with. The ones who are meant to work with you will appreciate that quality about you and will be flexible and work on other things with you and not be trying to force you to do something you’re incapable of doing.

I didn’t want to blog about this because it’s not my goal to bash anyone. I feel I learned a lot of lessons about what I need from clients and hence why I wrote this post. I know my heart was in the right place and I will not change who I am for the sake of making a buck. So good luck bloggess! It was nice knowing you.