Sock Bun Curls Tutorial

Thanks to Pinterest, I came across this neat idea to curl your hair with a sock! No need for heat styling products, no heat and best of all it’s a time saver because you do it before you go to sleep and when you wake up, voila!

First things first, your hair needs to be damp. Last night I had it completely dry and although I tried spritzing it with some water, I didn’t get as many curls as when I did it the first time. So I think my third try will be a charm.

Next, tie your hair in a pony tail right on top of your head. I used two socks, one to put inside my hair and the other to keep it in place by covering it on the outside. Now, the sock I used was an ankle sock, which I’m thinking I’ll need a regular sized sock that way it will make bigger curls. Back to the sock, you cut the toe part of the sock and roll it up like a sleeve and it looks like a donut.

Then you start at the top of the end of your pony tail and make sure all the hair is covering the sock before you begin to roll it all the way down. Now, for me, I have layers so this was very challenging, as some pieces of my hair kept falling down when I was trying to tuck in the hair through the hole. If you have even length hair, you are in luck because this is what I found challenging and will take me time to practice until I get it down.

So here is the bun after I rolled it down. Excuse the baby hairs haha.
Here is the next morning look after I put my hair down.
Not the best curls but it’s ok, my hair looks more wavy than curled.
Here’s two videos I found that I recommend:

So that is all for this tutorial. Let me know if you tried this and if you blog, post it on your blog so I can see 🙂