Singing Ariana and Selena

TGIF! I figured today on the blog I would share my singing talent; in case y’all haven’t heard me sing before. It’s times like these when I’m feeling low that only singing can truly bring me back to life and makes me so happy. I might end up going to a karaoke bar this weekend #justsayin. I gotta get it all out of my system so I can be set.

I will say that I am a little rusty so my first song of Ariana was the 20th practice round I did, so my voice was already tired. It’s hard singing a song all the way through, you don’t get a break, but it’s all fun.

I will embed my IG posts below, but to listen to the full clips you gotta go here: Starmaker – Bellasoul This is where I have all my singing clips from the past, but the top two are my latest ones.

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Have a great weekend loves! Don’t forget to vote and let me know what ya think! xo