Put Your Positive Pants On

This week was quite strange for me for a few reasons.

Not having my car for 3 entire days, felt like a lifetime, but all the while I’m thankful I have my family to help me so I got dropped off and picked up from work. It seriously made me feel like I was in highschool again when my stepdad picked me up at work, not gonna front.

I’m happy that I’ll get to pick up my car this evening and I’ve gotten progress pictures from the guy who fixed it so it’s looking really good, as if no accident touched it. Yay!

I had a day off during the week and although it was nice because I accomplished a bunch of tasks, it was nice to get an extended break after having a 3 day weekend.

Once I got back to work, ideas were still flowing in my head and I talked with a coworker who’s in HR about what I was feeling. She recommended I write a proposal and send it to my director and so I did after getting my supervisor’s input.

Well the next day, the director told me she wants to setup a meeting with me early next week to discuss in further details what I recommended in my proposal. So that’s super exciting because I know that I’m making an impact at my workplace and people are listening. Instead of dwelling and complaining like I have been, I put on my positive pants and took action. {I got that quote from my girl Saha}

Being how next week is my birthday week, I think this will be a great way to kick off my birthday.

I have plans to finally go to the State Fair of Texas on Sunday with a date so I’m excited. It has been too long since my last visit {4 years} so it’s about time to go back. I’m not into getting on the rides, I’m more of a foodie who wants to eat all the fried goodness, go to shows, take pics, shop and people watch.

Hope y’all have a great weekend! xo