You Know What They Say About Pineapples

After reading Sarah’s post yesterday about how lifestyle bloggers don’t talk about sex, I definitely felt inspired. Why wouldn’t I jump on the bandwagon and chime in about all things sex? Particularly sex and pineapples and I don’t mean them mixed together. That would be hella weird.

Have you heard of people saying that if you eat a lot of pineapples, it will make your juices taste sweeter? You know what juices I’m talking about and not the kool-aid kind. I’m not even sure if that’s something someone made up or if it has truth to it. But you know what they say about pineapples, they make you taste better.

I’m a die hard pineapple fan, especially when you can use them in photoshoots or take a picture of a pineapple on the beach or on a bed, it just has personality. Who would’ve thunk it that a fruit could become more popular than I don’t know what. You fill in the blank or better yet comment with your answer below.

Let’s talk about sex

This is just something that’s been weighing on my mind and welcome your thoughts on it as well. Here we go.

I gotta say that the times I’ve had the most pleasurable sex is with older men. They know what they’re doing because duh, they’re experienced. When I say older, I’m talking around 7 years older or more. One of the last guys I briefly dated was a little younger than me and of course absolutely disappointed for various reasons. I think that younger men are not only inexperienced, but they’re selfish; whereas older men are more giving and are very mindful of their partner’s needs.

When I say giving, let me break it down. Usually, the goal is to climax right? Guys have it so easy because 5 minutes could go by and they’re there. But then, what about us women? You can’t leave us hanging! That’s what I mean. Even Cosmopolitan, confirms it; only 57% of women climax when having sex most or all the time with their partner, while 95% of their partners (the selfish men) do so most or every time. That statistic is sad y’all. My future man better keep me at 100%!

If people want to be great lovers, you can’t only be thinking about yourselves #REALTALK.

Which reminds me of a guy I dated in the past who was convinced he knew what to do in the bedroom, was too arrogant and in turn, it made our interaction awkward and no one got their happy ending.

If you’re all about you, then you might as well play with yourself. It’s not fair to the other person because that person is not going to give you another try. I know I wouldn’t! Boy bye.

I also think that if they’re the player type, then they’ve got a ton of experience under their belt {pun intended}. I could be wrong and maybe it’s not even an age issue at all. All I know is that I am going off of my own experiences.

Would you agree that younger men aren’t as good in the sack as older men, why or why not? Let’s have that conversation.