On The Agenda: Bubble Bath, Shopping And Heart To Heart

I have a date tonight with my bathtub. I think my body is seriously tense//stressed the fuck out//achy and a hot bubble bath is very much needed. Just when I thought the stress of moving into my new place was over, another incident happened and I hate my management people at my apts. They are a bunch of i d i o t s. Not wanting to bore you with the details, but basically their maintenance guy knocked on my door at 10:30pm on Sunday night and really creeped me out because they didn’t call/email/send a pigeon that they were coming to do emergency maintenance in my building. I seriously didn’t like that not only did he come late knocking, but he asked me “Did I take a shower between 8 and 9?” Excuse me? What he should’ve said is he is doing maintenance in the building and there was a leak downstairs and they are making sure my apt is not flooded.

I thought he was probably a neighbor disguising himself as maintenance. Of course I never opened the door and told him to go away in my annoyed tone. So the office told me he was indeed maintenance and I told them they need to better communicate with residents because this was very uncalled for. This dude was a hair away from getting his ass pepper sprayed by me! I guess I ended up telling you what happened, but that just goes to show you what I’ve been dealing with. Sigh.

Oh you know, just adding items on my Victoria’s Secret LOVE list because come paycheck this Friday I am going to buy these items. They have a huge semi-annual sale so I can’t say no to that! Retail therapy is where I’m headed.

I don’t have any house shoes and my Calvin Klein leopard flip flops are great, but not very weather friendly with this weird Texas weather. Plus these babies are only $9 so yes please.

I realized I do not have any vests in my wardrobe, let alone FUR vests. I need at least a fur vest like this one in my life. Holla! Any suggestions of good fur vest places?

Last night Pedro contacted me saying he would like an explanation as to why I’m not talking to him and that I owe him that. So I obliged and told him why I wasn’t happy. He apologized and said he still wants to see me. So we may talk more tonight about where things could go from here. I honestly don’t have the energy to deal with any BS that could come of this, but it’s not like I’m seeing anyone else {dateless remember?} so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

What’s on your agenda today?
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