Netflix, How I Love Thee

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but I spend so much time with Netflix lately that I decided Netflix is my boyfriend. It’s official and I’m sure he’s cheating on me with everyone else haha.

He doesn’t disappoint because he lets me watch whatever I want, whenever I want. What a great boyfriend he is. Even when I spend time with other frenemies like Hulu, he doesn’t mind because he knows I always have a sweet spot for him. He really needs to get with the program though and have Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so until then Hulu is getting all my attention.

When I do get Netflix withdrawals however, here’s what’s on my list:

House of Cards premieres today and I’m super stoked! Anyone else binge watching this this weekend?

Lila & Eve has been on my to watch list for awhile now and I need to watch this movie already. Viola Davis and JLo will surely not disappoint!

Chelsea Does because why not? When I had cable years ago, I used to watch Chelsea Lately and I think she’s hilarious.

Madam Secretary because who doesn’t like Tea Leoni? I find her stunningly gorgeous and I’ve missed seeing her on TV.

Some Kind of Beautiful seems like a nice movie with a good cast. Pierce Brosnan is still slaying.

Echo is definitely on my to watch list because I love movies like this. It brings out the kid in me.

Chelsea’s Uganda Be Kidding Me, need I say more? She’s incredible.

The 100 is pretty interesting scifi show and I like the storyline and the characters. I’m on Season 2 right now so I got a few episodes to catch up on.

What’s on your Netflix list?