My Winter Wishlist

Hello Lovers!! Since I have been in a rut and have not been able to shop due to my current circumstances, thank God that that is only temporary because as soon as I can breathe again here are some winter must haves that I have my eye on.

Numero uno.
Maude Leather Boots by BCBGeneration // These beauties were introduced to me by Melanie because her dad spoiled her during Christmas and ever since then I have been really really liking these booties. The only have a size 7.5 left and even though I’m an 8, I will have to just squeeze my feet in ’em because why not? Life is short, buy the shoes.

Numero dos.
Blanket scarf that everyone and their mama has // Why this scarf is popular is beyond me, but I just know I gotta have it! I don’t usually wear a lot of plaid, but this scarf has the perfect blend of winter colors going on, it’s fabulous y’all.

Numero tres.
Nice Is Just a Place in France: How To Win At Basically Everything // Now that is my kinda book! One of the girls I stalk on IG has this book and based on Amazon’s ratings, it’s a pretty funny book not to be taken too seriously so if you can’t handle sarcasm, then save yourself the money. I just can’t wait to buy this book on Friday!

Numero cuatro.
Good Morning Beautiful mug // I love collecting coffee mugs and this mug tugs at my heart because sometimes we need reminders that we are beautiful, even if my hair is messy and no makeup on as I sip my coffee, perfect reminder to start my day. (Photo credit: misschrisycharms)

Numero cinco.
Fur vest // Ok, I’ve always wanted a vest and fur so a vest WITH fur is the perfect combination! Lately I have been obsessing with JLO more than usual and wearing fur makes me feel like I’m channeling my inner JLO so there you go. I wonder if it’s real fur, hope not! because animals.

Numero seis.
Aztec Leg Warmers // Another chica I stalk on IG wore these beauties and now I want them. Not only that, but I seriously don’t own any leg warmers in my life so it’s about time I change things up a little right?

Not pictured, but still want:

Sony Sound Bar // Because I’m such an avid movie watcher and this cold weather makes it easy to make it an excuse to stay in, I need full sound coming out of my TV.

J.Crew Denim Jacket // Last time I had a denim jacket was from Express way back in the day. I think it’s about time I get a new one to replace the old one that I don’t even wear anymore.

Bath & Body Champagne Toast Candle // Can’t beat winter if you don’t have candles to keep you warm and making your place smell good. I hear this one smells Ah-MAZING so it’s on my wishlist.

White Leather Computer Chair // You guys, I got that ghost chair that’s popular on Pinterest, but it is NOT comfortable. Being a blogger, I need my comfort and this chair is necessary to help me get my creativity out.

I just realized I mentioned I stalk girls on IG, it happens. Now who are they? I will not say because I want them all to myself! haha. Only my cool peeps know who they are and my peeps are also following them. Bwahahaha!

Also, in case you wanna take a look at my Amazon wishlist where all these items are, go HERE and feel free to buy me something from my wishlist #justthrowingitoutthere.

What’s on your winter wishlist?