My Life is a Movie + Beyonce Formation Tour Concert Recap

Hey y’all! I know I’m writing here a little later than normal, but I have been going through what I’d like to call, “My life is a movie” because it basically is. As you may or may not know, I lost my job two weeks ago. Right when this happened, the bank that had my new loan for the Accord was so thorough that they verify employment. This was such bad timing because they found out I was no longer working there and so they didn’t fund the loan. I had to give the Accord back to the dealer and I was sad, but at least I still had a car because I got my Civic that I bought a month ago, back.

Then a week later, I’m on my way to an interview for a job that I wasn’t even sure about and I got into a car accident. It wasn’t my fault, it was the lady who hit me, at fault. I don’t think she has insurance because her insurance card was from dates of last year. I took her info anyway, didn’t want to call the cops because that will take longer and I was in a rush to this interview.

I ended up having to file it under my insurance because her insurance is still investigating and supposedly they haven’t confirmed if she has insurance or not. It seriously shouldn’t take this long, so I didn’t want to wait on them. I took my Civic to the shop yesterday and the bodyshop I’m taking it to said I don’t have to worry about paying my $500 deductible. How nice is that? I was so grateful.

So now I’m driving a rental (free of charge because I had rental car coverage), which is a Hyundai Elantra and it’s really cute. After all of this shit storm, I feel like my life is a movie. One thing after another, but thankfully not all is bad.

On Monday, I went to a job fair at this Honda dealer and I ended up getting the job! I’m so happy that I finally got a job that I know I will do well and make lots of money. Also, now I’ll hopefully get a discount on my next car if I decide to trade in my Civic.

I start tomorrow and so I probably won’t have a life, but at least I’ll be making that money. If you live in the Dallas area and need a car, message me.

Went to the Beyonce concert on Monday night and it was ah-mazing!!!

This was my first Beyonce concert ever and I want to see her all over again. She is such a legend of our musical generation and I’m in awe of her. One of her songs, I noticed my friend Melissa got emotional on. Then I myself got emotional when she sang 1+1. She sang with such passion, it touched my soul. After that she did a Prince song and we both lost it. We were crying and it was such an emotional moment, she seriously touched us in a way that music can only do. Melissa kept saying, “This is too much, I can’t take it”. Ditto my friend, ditto.

We danced most of the night and it was a packed house. It was our second time at the Cowboys stadium and it was greatness. We got lucky because parking was right by the door, our seats were by the aisle and we were in the first section above the floor seats. She’s coming to Houston in the fall and I may have to fly down there and go with Melissa again.

I did my makeup a little dramatic with a big cat eye; I’m still learning how to do it like my makeup artists that I follow on social media. I know it takes time, but I wish I could draw it like that every day.

Now I need to find me some Beyonce shirts so I can slay all day everyday, you feel me? How’s your week?