My Christmas Wishlist

Happy Thursday! I am so ready for the weekend it’s not even funny. To keep me distracted, I decided to once and for all do my damn Christmas wishlist.

1. Keurig Coffee Maker – I’ve been wanting this thing for awhile now and even entered a few giveaways for Target hoping I win so I can get it. To me this is the best present ever because I’m such a coffee fiend. Holla!

2. Erin Condren Life Planner – Not sure if I’ve been living under a rock but my God! I need to have this in my life like yesterday. I love how I can customize it to my liking, have my name on the cover {I feel like a bitch (dog) that just peed and marked her territory} I entered yet ANOTHER damn giveaway hoping I win, this one is two gift cards to Erin Condren’s site. Score! This is also not bad of a price for the value you get. Use code GIFT20 to get $20 off.

3. Killer Queen Perfume – This one is a given since I mentioned it here on my blog a few posts ago. Killer Queen perfume set by my girl Katy Perry. I haven’t even smelled it, but I’m sure it smells all kinds of deliciousness. If by chance I don’t like it, hey at least I didn’t pay for it. Maybe I can use it to spray Sebastian {my doggie} with it.

4. iPhone 5S in Gold – This one is a long shot, but that’s why it’s a wishlist right? Right. Oh and I also did a giveaway for it over at Lauren Elizabeth’s blog.

5. Owl Cookie Jar – I saw this gorgeous cookie jar at Anthropologie last weekend on Black Friday and I almost died because it was so freaking cute! I love owls! I decided this will be the first of many owl decorations in my kitchen. My kitchen is gonna turn into a meadow with owls everywhere. They will be keeping watch for me so that no one gets into my goodies, including this cookie jar owl. He started it.

6. Frends Headphones – I blame Sarah from VTIM for introducing me to these bad ass headphones. They are expensive and therefore go on the wishlist because I’m not getting them so here’s to wishing that someone gets them for me. I wish there was a giveaway for these too, oh well.

I feel I’ve been a good girl this year so Santa please, please, pretty please give me what I want! What do you wish for this Christmas?

PS. I also want a damn Kitchen Aid Mixer so I entered this giveaway. It took me a million years to finish submitting the entries so don’t get mad at me because I warned you!

Hurry up and enter! Only 4 days left! ***Kitchen Aid Mixer!!!!***

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