My Christmas Shenanigans

Merry belated Christmas! I would have popped in to wish you guys a Merry Christmas, but I was wanting to take a break and just really be with my family. I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and I was so thankful that I was able to give them gifts this year because last year I wasn’t able to. Last year I was working in uptown only part time and I learned that that was a mistake since I needed a full time job.

We live and learn though so I’m glad that my life is much different this year. I got my parents some pretty mugs from Anthropologie as well as mini bottles of alcohol to go with their hot chocolate. Got my mom a beautiful polka dot blouse in black and red. Got my baby sis some pj’s from NY&Co and some body wash scrub and mist from the Victoria’s Secret Pink line.

As for my Secret Santa from work, I got a gift card to Bath & Body Works which was absolutely perfect since I have been wanting to get a 3 wick candle so I got this Twisted Peppermint candle and it really smells like Christmas in my room. I love it!

Poor Sebastian had a rough Christmas Eve. I took him to my parents’ on Christmas Eve and since he’s gotten older he gets really anxious in the car. I wanted to secure him and buckled him in with this harness so he won’t move as much. Somehow with him still moving around like a nutcracker, he managed to get his hind leg caught between the seatbelt and the harness so he literally couldn’t move.

I noticed he was getting desperate by biting at the seatbelt and howling really loud so I figured something was going on with him. All while I’m driving mind you, and so I unbuckled him and he finally stopped yapping and all of a sudden I noticed all this blood all over his little bed where I had him sitting. Oh my God, I totally freaked out. I had no idea where the blood was coming from or how this happened, but when I finally got to my parents (45 min later) I saw that his pinky paw nail had completely come off. Ouch!

I felt really bad because I didn’t want him to get hurt and maybe I should’ve just left him at my house alone, but I wanted him to be with me around my family. So he was a good sport and just slept a lot and I imagine it was because he was in pain.

I baked cookies for everyone and even though I didn’t take a picture because I forgot, they were delicious!

On Christmas Day, I woke up majorly late as we had already opened our presents at midnight the night before. I didn’t get anything I wanted per se, but in hindsight, I wanted to be a giver and I was so happy I was able to get gifts for my family and see their reactions.

We seriously didn’t do much but watch Elf and A Christmas Story. Then eat some more leftovers from the night before and drink some spiked hot chocolate. 

Went to brunch with my bestie the next day and even though the weather has been in the 70’s, we had some thunderstorms come in yesterday and what’s worse, even some tornadoes that hit a few cities not too far from where I live and there were disasters that you can’t even imagine the following day after Christmas. I’m praying for those families and it’s just sad.

I took a nap and was woken up by the tornado sirens, pretty scary.

Anywho, so back to brunch with the bestie. I took her to this breakfast place that she’s never been to before and they have the best breakfast!

Crab cakes eggs benedict pictured above. Oh em gee, it was divine.

I’m glad this week is another short week because of New Year’s. I’m looking forward to having another 3 day weekend and saying goodbye to 2015 because I feel 2016 will be my best year yet!

Leggings above are from Walmart.
Christmas tree is from The Galleria.

What were you guys up to this Christmas? Do share with Lisa and I!