My Blog Goals for 2015

While I was writing down what My Goals for 2015 were about a week ago, I realized I had so many blogging goals that there was no way it would fit into my post; hence why I decided to make my blogging goals post a piece all its own because it’s basically a whole ‘nother animal.

Now I’m sure a lot of you can relate to what I’m about to go into and if so feel free to chime in and also share what your blogging goals are because I’m sure we can help one another in more ways than one.

Monetize my blog

There’s seriously no reason why my blog can’t make me some money while I happily use this blog as a hobby. The past three years that I’ve been seriously blogging, I have made some money here and there, but not to where I’m having consistent income. That’s where monetizing my blog comes in.

I have been endlessly searching for ways to monetize my blog and I have a plethora of resources to sort through. As I go through them I will come back and give you an update on which ones I recommend and/or were useful. So far I have found an eBook called How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) and I will most likely do a review and hopefully see some results. If you read it, tell me what you think.

Grow my blog by Dec 2015

Since rebranding in October, my old blog has helped bring forth this blog out of the woodwork with people who used to follow me and thankfully followed me here too. But now it’s the time to broaden the horizons and really let this blog take flight. I’m thinking of cross posting some of my featured posts on sites like BlogHer because I’ll admit, I only cross posted once or twice and that needs to change. If the folks don’t come to you, you gotta go to them.

Comment on 5 blogs a day

This pretty much goes with what I just said, you gotta go to the people if you want them to come check you out. Gotta give love before getting love in return. This goal is also somewhat of a challenge for me because sometimes I want to comment on all of the blogs I read every day but where do I find the time? So I think this will help me to stay on task and by reaching out to 5 bloggers a day then there’s more of a connection being made, more activity and more good things will start happening because of it.

Collaborate with fellow bloggers

Which leads me to my next goal: Collaborating. I love doing linkups with other bloggers and I would very much like to expand and collaborate in other ways, not just linkups. Google hangouts and Twitter parties sound like a cool way to jump start this process! If bloggers live in my area, we should have meetups once a quarter, maybe I’m the one who needs to organize it or something.

Interact on social media

I admit I am burnt out on Twitter and hell, probably even Instagram. I realize though that in order to connect with others, you gotta start interacting on those social media sites. Maybe tweet 3 people a day and/or give shoutouts on Instagram or share something I read on Facebook. Share, reply, connect.

Revive previous content on social media

This one is a toughie because who really has time to go back to the archives? Then again if I want people to camp out on my blog or if I’m on a hiatus, this will give them something to do and not just them clicking on the X at the top of the browser. Also, some posts that I write I think were amazing and don’t get that much recognition or attention and it makes me sad. With this goal though, that will not be an issue because I will revive my previous posts!

Also may even want to do a section of what you may have missed towards the end of the week, end of the month, end of the quarter.

Grow in sponsors and sponsoring

I’m so thankful that people are already sponsoring BATC. It will be really helpful to get more sponsors and at the same time start sponsoring myself. Sponsoring is seriously another mountain to tackle as it feels like you’re making a blog only difference is, it’s not a blog, but the people who sponsor you. That alone can be so exhausting, confusing and very cumbersome figuring out the best ways to feature people and their content.

I may just come up with a sponsor questionnaire and have them fill it out, this way it will save me some time and allow them to share what they want to share, instead of me hunting on their blog for what I think my readers might like.

Do recipe posts, guest post and a VLOG

I know for a fact I have not written a recipe post on here and that’s a damn shame because I love to cook. Grilled cheese anyone? Just kidding! Writing a guest post for someone to put on their site gives me anxiety! I seriously need to get over myself and do it already. What I think would help is if I just write a guest post geared towards different blog genres and then narrow it down to the bloggers who write in those genres and then send them what I already wrote days or weeks ago.

VLOG! Oh em gee. I absolutely suck at not having done this. I am very camera shy and I don’t like doing videos. I know it’s good to switch things up once in awhile and just do a vlog and call it a day.

Well my brain just exploded because I feel like I have a long way to go before each and every single one of these blog goals come to life, but I’m confident that now that it’s all said and done, it’s time to get to work! I’m excited and scared out of my mind because some of these are not easy as pie for me. Then again I want 2015 to be different, which means I need to do different things on my blog if I want it to change for the better.

“Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”