Move Over Netflix, I Found a New You

Hey y’all! This weekend was definitely not a Netflix weekend and that’s okay right? Sometimes you need a break from Netflix and I like to think Netflix is my boyfriend so I had some me time without him. I did cheat on him with Hulu on Friday catching up with Grimm, How To Get Away with Murder and Scream Queens. I didn’t care to watch the latest of Empire because this entire second season has been a huge disappointment. I even heard the DJ on the radio saying I didn’t miss much so I took his word for it.

So this was my guilty face spending time with Hulu, but there’s a rainbow in there so me thinks that all is forgiven.

Next morning I had to part ways very hesitantly with my bed to get to a training for my new part time job with Favor {it’s an app, download it and you’re welcome}. So I figured I would do this job on nights/weekends to help me out during the holidays coming up. I thought about doing Uber/Lyft but honestly I don’t feel comfortable having random peeps hoppin’ inside my white mocha {my ride} and I’m a girl too so what if I get a creeper? I will just pepper spray them? Nah I’m good.

In case you don’t know what Favor is {God knows I didn’t know what it was ’til my roomie told me about it}, it’s basically your very own personal assistant. You need someone to deliver Taco Bueno or Chipotle to your door? Send in your favor request and here I come saving the day in my bright blue Favor shirt that’s really cute {pic to come soon} with a smile and food in tow. Your Favor can also be used for other things like picking up your dry cleaner’s, groceries, office supplies, you know the list goes on.

To try it use my invite code to get a $5 credit: BELLR2

My only thing is is that I don’t know when I’ll have time at night to do this because my regular job keeps me working like a bee until 7 or 8 at night and I just want to go home and relax. So that will probably just leave the weekends, which works because they pay more on tips anyway.

After that 3 hour training, I picked up some fuel for my body because I was so sleepy and needed some energy to go work at my regular job and I ended up getting a deal on my last call. So relieved that I did really well this past week and this week is going to be insane.

Let’s not forget that now the holiday cups are here! I’m excited, but at the same time I miss the fall cups because they were so cute and I only got a chance to use one since they went back to the white cups.

My beautiful cousin came to visit us from FL while being here on a work trip. She will come back soon with the rest of her family because her little one hasn’t even met us yet. I can’t wait!

Not pictured, but I did decorate my Happy Planner again at my mom’s house. I also watched American Horror Story and even did some laundry so I have fresh bedsheets. Is it just me or do you always sleep better when you have fresh clean sheets? Anyway, I think it’s time for me to go to bed.

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