Memorial Weekend: Roadtrip to Shreveport

Happy Tuesday! I am so rejuvenated from my trip to Shreveport, yet a little tired but it was so worth it. The rain did not rain on my parade because we still managed to drive in such conditions and once we were in Louisiana, it was all good. Recapping my weekend today for our Weekend Recap linkup with Lisa!

I finally Snapchatted quite a bit this time since Instagram is my drug of choice, I felt the need to switch it up. The trip was not bad, it was only about 3 hour drive. That’s a lot shorter than my last roadtrip to New Orleans exactly a year ago. Only this time it wasn’t a girl’s trip, it was my new beau and I.

Here are my snapchats…

Even though we stayed at a nice hotel, they didn’t have room service past the hours that we wanted to eat so we had to make a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings to get our wings to go. I love parmesan garlic and those are the wings I always get.

We had so much fun and even though we didn’t win at the casinos, this was our first trip together which was a win. I haven’t been on a trip with a guy I’m dating so this was kinda special.

I have videos I took too on Snapchat, but until I upload them on here, this will do.

How was your Memorial Day weekend loves?