Lost and Found Freakum Dress

Every girl needs to have a freakum dress. Am I right or am I right? If you don’t know, now you know!

Before I go into that, it’s finally Friday! Although I’m back to work, I am just as pumped the weekend is here. Birthday parties ahead and good times in the works keeps my spirits up. This was me three years ago and it also serves as my inspiration to get back to this or better.

Back to my freakum dress tho. This dress is my absolute fave. It is unlike any other dress that’s in my closet and it’s extra special because my mom gave it to me from Spain. Everytime I wear it, I feel like a Spanish goddess.

The other day I knew I had it in my apartment somewhere, except it was not in my closet. I looked in my boxes in the storage closet and I found it! It was like the heavens opened and I hear hallelujah ringing in my ears. Saying to myself “Yesssss!! Let’s rock this freakum dress“.

Even though I ain’t got nobody to freak, this dress will still break the necks that stare as I walk past because it’s gonna be a fun Saturday ahead with friend’s birthday shenanigans! By the end of the night I might lose the belt because I won’t be able to breathe. Like they say though beauty is pain.

Might I add that I really miss my long hair extensions! Any companies out there wanting bloggers to do a review of their hair extensions can count me in! Inbox me. That’s how I got the ones I’m wearing in this picture and boy that was fun.

Side note: Caption is pretty on point. I’m not perfect, but I’m loyal… to the T.

Do you have a freakum dress? Show me some pics in the comments or post it up on your blog and tag me #bellaandthecity #myfreakumdress – Over and out!