Looking Back at 2016

Anytime the new year is approaching, it’s the perfect time to reflect back on 2016. It’s only then that we’re able to see how far we’ve come and plan for an even bigger and better year. I know for me 2016 brought me to hell and back, as well as having the most amazing moments that I will cherish in my heart forever.

I’m so thankful that 2016 was not all bad because for a minute there, I thought it was the worst year of my life. So I want to recap on my blog and share with y’all the highs and the lows of my 2016 and feel free to share yours as well in the comments!

I thought I’d share in quarters because going month by month will take too long and I don’t want to put y’all to sleep so —

January // February // March

I never thought I would part with my beauty mark, which I’ve had since I was 9 years old. I just noticed the past 4 years or so, it started getting bigger and bigger. It was making me self conscious so I made the decision to get it removed and I did miss it for a bit, but then I got over it and kept it moving.

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Valentine’s Day came and went and I had a lot of me time, including going to see How To Be Single with my stepdad. I started reading again and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert blew my socks right off. So much so that I did my first book review on my blog in a long time. I highly recommend you read it, especially if you’re a blogger.

March was really hard for me because I lost my car. Out of nowhere, my bank closed my loan with no warning, no letter, nothing. I still think what they did was illegal because even though I was still making payments, they never warned me. Once that’s done, you can’t make anymore payments. For a second there I thought that I could keep my car and hide it, but did I really want to keep looking over my shoulder? No thanks, I want peace of mind.

What made it worse is that I found out the day after I just made a payment. Of course they still took my money, even though they claimed they wouldn’t take anymore payments. Worst experience of my life. I had to get a new car and it wasn’t the car I wanted, but under the circumstances, that was the hand I was dealt. I’m hoping in 2017, I can get the car that I really want because I’ll have a better situation. I’m claiming it now!

The end of March ended on a sweet note though. I got to drive around a brand new Toyota RAV4 for an entire week for free and then got invited to a beautiful dinner with celebrity chefs from Latin America, it was awesome.

April // May // June

I was having issues with my new car and I took it back to the dealer. I told the manager there that I was not happy with my car because it was a 4 door and I wanted to have a 2 door. Somehow he worked it out and traded my car back in and then two weeks later I unexpectedly lost my job.

Talk about bad timing. The pic above was of me inside my 2 door Honda Accord Coupe, that was just my style. Once the loan people found out I didn’t have my job anymore (the day I lost it was the day they were calling to verify) and they pulled back the funding. So I had to return my Coupe to get back into the Sedan and I was so defeated and embarrassed.

Seeing Beyonce in concert for the first time ever {last time was when she was in Destiny’s Child}, was one for the books! My good friend Melissa from Houston came to join me and we had the best time.

Somewhere in the middle of May, I found out I had 14 days to move because my landlord was giving me the boot. When it rains it pours so I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t know where I was going to move, everything was up in the air. I finally made the decision to move back with my parents even though I tried to make it work on my own. I really should’ve moved back with them the year before I moved into my landlord’s, but I wasn’t ready to give up.

My mom was watching my dog for a week before I moved in and almost every day she was calling me crying that he was in pain. I was in denial and was holding on to him without seeing that I was being selfish. I needed to let him go so he won’t be in anymore pain. That was the hardest decision I had to make and I still cry for my baby. RIP Sebastian.

I was extremely proud of my baby sister graduating highschool from Booker T. Washington. My brother, whom we haven’t seen in 3 years came to visit and it was great having all my family together celebrating this accomplishment in my sister’s life. I am in awe that she graduated because it wasn’t that long ago that I was cuddling her to sleep in her crib. Time flies! I feel old.

This summer was hard for us Americans. Attacks in Orlando, Black men losing their lives senselessly, Dallas under gunfire in Downtown, it was chaos and my heart was troubled. Consciously trying to focus on the good and admiring the beauty that flowers bring is what I felt I needed to share.

July // August // September

Found myself looking for a new job again. The struggle was very real this time because I sort of switched careers: going from inside sales to car sales was a huge eye opener and glad I realized it wasn’t for me. Walk With Me Through the Path of Success was one of my favorite posts where I shared what was going on.

By August I finally got a job doing customer service/sales with SiriusXM. I was able to still make it to my friend Melissa’s wedding in Galveston, she’s the one who lives in Houston.

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The wedding was beautiful! I drove in so late that I missed the ceremony. I managed to make it to the reception and that’s better than nothing. It absolutely sucked driving for 4 hours by myself and I wish I had a date, but what can you do.

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September I was pretty unbothered. I was starting to get used to my new job, going back to taking fabulous selfies and this one took me by surprise because the makeup that day was so Old Hollywood. I got a lot of Selena comparison comments on this one. I did get into a fender bender, but I got my car fixed after 2 weeks.

October // November // December

Pretty much most of October I was hating the dating life. I would talk to a few guys, went on 3 dates and nothing. I was at the brink of giving up then I met Nestor and everything changed for the better, thank God.

Out of all the quarters, this last quarter of the year was my absolute favorite because of him. He made me forget that 2016 was a shitty year for the most part and that all I went through was to get me to this moment where I find solace and happiness with this new love.

If anyone could win a best boyfriend award, it would be him. He is amazing!

I love this pic of us! We make one fine ass couple lol. He wanted to show me off at his work Christmas party and that was fun and new feeling for me because I’ve never been with anyone who wanted to show me off.

Christmas this year for me was so different because I have a boo now! It’s still weird to hear those words and say them. Besides that, my heart is full of happiness that I am surrounded by family and good friends who genuinely care and are there for me. I avoided moving back home for so long that once I did, all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. I built a closer relationship with my baby sister, I got closer to my parents as well, I started feeling home really is where the heart is because I feel safe. The cherry on top was meeting my love {or mi corazon} as I affectionately call him.

2016 kicked my rear into the high mountains, but I’m coming down from cloud9 with so many lessons learned and my character was tested a few times. I am looking forward to this new year 2017 because now I don’t feel so alone and I have a wonderful life that I am thankful I get to keep living.

Hope I didn’t put y’all to sleep. I realize now this turned out to be long anyway #sorrynotsorry.

How was your 2016? Tag me if you share on your blog so I can see!