Little Confessions

Confessions of a Blogaholic had a great run but I think it’s time to face the music and admit that it’s a done deal. I enjoyed blogging weekly then once a month on my confessions but after awhile you run out of things to confess, am I right or am I right? Since today was supposed to be a linkup day for Confessions, I figured I would still do my own confessions sans linkup.

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❤︎ Today is Empire Day! I wish I had regular television so that I could tune in, but I guess I’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow to watch the 2 hour finale!

❤︎ I started my new job a week ago today and so far so good. I love working for a small company, playing music in my office with my candle warmers going and my fresh Keurig coffee brewed in a cup.

❤︎ I put coconut oil in my hair (for the first time) and hoping it will put some moisture back in my strands because they are in need of revival #forreal

❤︎ Hot guys are following me on Twitter and Instagram, what gives? Not complaining though.

❤︎ I hate being ignored. If someone ignores me, I put them on my shit list real quick. Probably close second to someone who’s judgmental, no thanks.

❤︎ My mom is crazy (isn’t everyone’s family though?). This weekend she did something that really alarmed me and I had to give her a reality check. God protected her in what could have been a really bad situation, but she learned her lesson.

✘ I think I’m done with Fab. Things are really weird lately and us girls can tell when something’s up; I don’t like it so I’m removing myself from the situation altogether. #itwasfun #damnhewasfinetho

✌︎ I love this song and it reminds me of Fab. #damnit

Time heals all wounds though right? Sigh. Back at the single life!! I’ll be alright. What are your confessions?