What I Learned in April: Quit Bad Habits & Coconut Milk is Life

Hey blogland, it’s me! I’m not completely back yet from my blogcation, but I wanted to post today about the life lessons I learned in April. Starting with the not so fun stuff because it’s better to get the bad out of the way first to get to the good stuff, right? Just nod your head, it’s all good.

“Procrastinator” is my middle name

It’s not, but it might as well be. This really affected me in so many ways than I care to count. Or reflect back on for the sake of not getting into a raging bitch mood all over again. It was a tough pill to swallow, but once I did things started to appear a lot clearer. Realizing that the outcome of what happened was only of my own doing and if I had my ducks in a row, I wouldn’t be in this predicament. So to put it in words that you can understand, I left my house at the last minute only to find out the place I went to was closed. I wasted gas and time and no one likes to waste gas, especially since it’s starting to climb these days in price.

Note to self: Stop procrastinating and get a hybrid car next.

Blog breaks should happen more often

The first week of my blogcation, I was so happy I could finally go back to a normal sleeping schedule. By the second week, I knew I was supposed to do marketing for previous posts, but I slacked off and it still felt good. No pressure! Taking the time away also allowed me to focus on the things I needed to pay attention to and I’m making small yet productive strides towards my goal. Taking mandatory blogcation will be something I’ll have to implement in the future.

Note to self: I miss blogging, but I’m not ready to come back yet. When I do, it will be full force so I gotta gear up my energy first so I can bring it.

Heart to heart talks are tough but well worth it

Having a rough patch with my relationship is never fun. Especially when I felt alone in everything that was going on and feeling the frustration and irritation building up like a tea pot. Once Nestor and I had our talk though, I felt so much better and had a newfound understanding where he’s coming from and vice versa. It just makes me appreciate and love him even more.

Note to self: Go on more date nights. Don’t take things too seriously and just laugh at silly stuff.

Coconut milk discovery for my coffee is a game changer

And life changer might I add. More like coconut milk creamer, but I digress. I won’t ever have regular creamer anymore now that my taste buds have reached nirvana! Holy shit. This island girl feels right at home now that this delicious ingredient is in my cup of joe. I might even become a morning person because of it.

Note to self: Buy more coconut milk creamer so I never run out and end up going back to regular creamer. Hell to the no.

What did you learn in April?

In other news…

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That should keep y’all busy until I’m fully back. Brownie points if you comment on most of the posts lol. Oh, and fellow bloggers, feel free to leave me a link to your blog post you want me to read so I can stay in the loop and I’ll share it on social media.

And that’s all babes! I’ll be back soonish. Happy May! xoxo.