Life is Good

My weekend was pretty phenomenal and it was exactly what I needed to get me through whatever this week brings. The only thing I didn’t get to do was see Jurassic World and I’m almost mad about that, but I’ll get to see it soon. Anyone see it and is it good? I’ve heard good things so far.

This past week was so different because I went back to the gym {3 times}. Started drinking my protein shakes again. I hardly got on the computer when I got home from work and that’s saying something. Been working my new job and I love how flexible they are, not to mention getting to go play Whirlyball the first week of our training.

Making food at home has been so refreshing and I love this panini press my roommate has because my sandwich came out amazing. I love how it has my name on it too.

This is the beautiful house I’m living at these days. Pics to come of the inside, mainly my bedroom. I am just so blessed to have found this place and how it was ready for move in right at the nick of time. God put me here and I’m liking coming home and building a friendship with my roommate who owns the house. The other two roommates keep to themselves and don’t socialize, so it’s their loss.

We’ve been having some great weather and the other day I had to take a picture of the clouds because they were like something out of a painting.

I had to get my nails cut short because I couldn’t type when I was at work and it was frustrating the hell out of me. Also changed the polish to this gorgeous color “Samoan Sand” by OPI.

Went out with my girl and actually did a little shopping at Nordstrom Rack. My goal was to get a dress for the night and I ended up buying workout clothes. We had a great time though at this place we went to, even though they had technical difficulties with the music.

My roomie got this pool table, that’s also an air hockey table from Craigslist and we played a little air hockey. So cool how we get to play this in the comfort of our home.

Father’s Day was okay for me. My dad actually mailed me these photos and when I looked at the one on the right, I got emotional because I miss him a lot. I haven’t seen him in over a decade and I made the decision to seriously go visit him come Christmas time. It’s amazing how pictures can immediately take you back to that time, like a time machine or something. Who wants to go to Puerto Rico with me?

My motto for this week is “Go hard or go home” because really, what else is there?

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