Let’s Get Physical

Happy humpday y’all! I feel like this week so much has happened and it’s barely Wednesday. Yesterday I was feeling kinda sad {blame the monthly visitor or what have you}, just had these awful feelings I had to work through all while being at work. It didn’t help that one of my coworkers snapped at me and later IM’s me to make sure everything was cool between us. I was proud of myself that I wasn’t my regular sensitive self because normally I would’ve been thinking Fuck her! Don’t talk to me. But I told her I was cool and even put a smiley face. Change doesn’t come easy, but alas I am getting there.

Okay, so back to my point, I was in pouty face mode and didn’t even want to be at work when suddenly I get an email letting me know I won tickets to go to the Dallas Stars game next Thursday! My company gave us a discount anyway so originally the tickets would have been $15, but I won FOUR tickets! so yayyyyy! I stood up and did a little dance and exclaimed “I won, I won, I won!” Yeah total dork status. I told my girls not to buy their tickets yet because I’m gonna give them the ones I won so they can come with me. So excited!

I started working out again as I had mentioned from my weekend post. It feels really good to run and lift weights that I feel energized, mind you there is soreness, but at least I know I’m doing something right. As I was walking into the gym yesterday, Pedro was leaving with his guy friend. We briefly said hi and I gave him a hug. I’m not sure what’s going on with him these days, but I’m playing it cool because I have other things on my mind anyway.

I get on the elliptical and do my one hour run. I feel like this work out was tougher this time than the night before. So I’m pushing myself and try to be consistent and not slow down for too long because then that ruins my pace…when all of a sudden in walks this guy that I’ve been seeing at the gym every now and then and man, he is foine. Not fine, foine! The person next to me gets off the elliptical and I start to look to the side to see where he’s at and then I see him look my way then I look away.

So I pushed myself and used him as my motivation and finished my run. I head over to the weights and it’s leg day so I put my little gloves on and start pounding my legs on the leg extension press machine. I love that machine because it makes my ass hurt. No pain, no gain. So as I’m concentrated on my breathing and I’m pushing out from the press, I look straight where I see the stairwell and he is walking down looking at me. Uhhhhh… oh my God.

I’m just trying to be cool and keep working on my fitness {he’s my witness} and I head over to the leg curl machine. I feel conscious anytime I get on this machine because my ass is up for all who walk by to see. I’m sure it’s a nice sight though, hahaha. Just kidding. Anyway, as I’m pulling my legs back I look straight towards the floor and I see someone walk by with black tennis shoes. I had a feeling it was him so when I took a break from my first set, I look and sure enough it was him indeed. I finish my leg curl set and head over to the squat machine, which is close where he is doing his chest press.

I do the first set of squats out of four and take a break. I notice a cute girl with a nice stomach because she is showing it off with just her sports bra on, but she has no ass ladies and gents. I noticed him checking her out and I could tell she thought he was hot because she kept standing facing his direction as she was talking to someone. I’m not worried because even though she’s cute and has a nice bod, she has no ass! Most guys like girls with ass. Thank JLO and Kim K, gotta love my girls! I admit I got some curves especially on my derriere.

So I do another set of squats and this time he is at the machine behind me and I’m sure he had a nice view from my squatting business.

I’m really not this vain, but I just think it’s funny to make my imagination just hit the town so bear with me in case you are rolling your eyes, or maybe not.

I finally finish my leg day and head over to the abs/mat area and do some sit ups. Suddenly he comes over again after he was on the other side where the free weights were. He looks at me, I look at him and he walks by where I’m at and does only one set of situps. I’m still doing my situps and then he is done and walks off. I guess he may have wanted to say hi to me, but didn’t wanna be rude and interrupt. I appreciate that, but there is no better time than the present. At least now I know that I finally got his attention after seeing this guy from day one back in February and I never existed to him until now. My day ended on a perfect note after all.

Has this happened to you guys, when you’re having a shitty ass day and then it flips completely and you’re like “oh, the universe must like me after all“?