Lana Del Rey ♥

It’s Friday, about freakin’ time! I am so glad the weekend is upon us. I feel like this week I haven’t blogged about anything significant, but at least I am getting out there and doing stuff. One of those being getting to go to the Lana Del Rey concert totally out of the blue, I consider myself quite lucky. We had some really good seats too so I was a happy camper indeed. The pic above is what I wore to the concert which was this gold glittery top I’ve had for awhile and my H&M black leather pants. I didn’t get the memo to wear a flower headband and I should’ve known because I know that’s Lana’s style. All these girls at the concert and their mama had one. So let’s get to the photos!

She did a wonderful job at this concert. I just felt like I couldn’t really hear her and the music/sound was louder than her so that was a bit frustrating because it felt like she was the background instead of the other way around. My friend who also went actually had to sit farther and said the same thing. Other than that, she was phenomenal. I was a fan but now I’m more of a fan than I was before. Also, I had never seen a performer/artist give so much love to their fans. I swear she took like a whole song and a half just taking pics and selfies with her front row fans, it was crazy.

So with that I leave you with a video of Lana performing Summertime Sadness.

Click on this link to watch the vid: Summertime Sadness

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