Lady AnnaBellas + I Work Out

Happy Monday! This week is bound to be all kinds of busy, but it’s all gravy because I’m ready for it. I’m not gonna lie but Valentine’s Day being around the corner makes things a little extra exciting!

On Saturday I headed over to my Mary Kay Director’s house and really came up with a solid plan of how I will meet my goal of getting into the DIQ {Director in Qualification} program. Also, I came up with the name of my unit for when I become a Director and it’s gonna be Lady Annabellas!

How I came up with the name is an interesting story:

A few months back I was getting frequent ladybugs visiting my apartment. At one point it was 3 of them within a two day span and I thought it was so odd. I took a picture of them, grabbed them and set them free outside. That was back in August and literally three months later I joined MK. So that’s the lady bug theme being born.

A couple of years ago I had told my friend Ana that when I have a baby girl I’m gonna name her AnnaBella and then I realized that’s both of our names fused together! So I’m certain that I will name my future daughter if I have one, AnnaBella or my next doggie girl.

Also, if y’all have seen Pitch Perfect, they named their team Barden Bellas and everything in that movie was AccaBelieve it and AccaBellas so yeah AnnaBellas.

So I didn’t want us to be plain “Lady Bugs” so Lady AnnaBellas, kinda like that band I love, Lady Antebellum, was born!

I did some research on lady bugs and by research I mean one site that just did it for me! Mainly three themes on the meanings of lady bugs.

“Ladybug is a symbol of taking action on your dreams, as with her very presence she hints at planting the seeds of your dreams. She will bless your dreams as well as your garden, plant your dreams where they will get plenty of sunshine and feed them with praise and just like the flowers in your garden, your dreams will begin sprouting and growing and surprising you in the most delightful ways.”

This blew me away and it gets better…

“The red shield and big black dots that cover the Ladybugs wings announce to the world that she is proclaiming her unique and playful spirit for all to see, to bring smiles on her way to wherever her heart leads her in the next moment. Another meaning of the black dots on the Ladybug is to count your blessings, and show your gratitude with grace and style.”

I recently blogged about counting your blessings so this was just amazing to find; there’s more…

“The spiritual meaning of the Ladybug is spiritual devotion. Ladybug will help you discover your true self and what makes you most happy and fulfilled. For those on a spiritual journey, Ladybug is a sign to take inventory of what fills your heart, Ladybug signals the way to follow your bliss.” 

Talk about AMAZE-ing! This blew the hair off the top of my head. Wow! I had no idea the ladybug symbolized so much, but I’m excited and know this is the reason why it came to me, it was meant to be.

How cute will it be when I get to do some graphics with polka dot themes, red and black combo.. I’m a kid again.

I went back to the gym. It has been too long and I decided that Saturday was the day to make a change. I was a little sore the next day but that’s a good thing. Ready to hit the gym all week this week!

If you read my post How I Prep for Valentine’s Day on Friday, just know that the excitement to see Mario wore off. I honestly hate the club and I don’t want to be in a sea of women fighting for his attention because I will get in a fight or arrested. I figured a different way I’m gonna meet him and I’ll share more later when it’s more set in stone. Don’t wanna count the chickens before they hatch, or something.

Watched that movie Chef on Netflix this weekend and oh my gah!! I need to marry a chef. The dishes he was making was making my mouth water the whole damn movie, ugh! The presentation, the food itself, I bet it tasted and smelled incredible.

What were you lady bugs up to this weekend? Link up with Lisa and I!