It’s Official, I’m Going On A Cruise + Photoshoot Pics! + Radio Show Podcast

I booked my cruise last Friday and yesterday I got this FedEx package in the mail with all my information I can devour for the next couple of months leading to #BlogCation! It finally became real to me that I will be going on my first ever CRUISE trip! Wow, I am over the moon excited!

I know in the past few months I’ve mentioned how I haven’t been to the gym and that I will get back into it. I seriously have not had the motivation until this came in the mail. That’s a bit of a lie though because now that the weather is getting warmer that also motivates me. Okay and the fact that a lot of you are talking on your blogs how you are doing yoga and working on your fitness {I’m your witness}. So maybe this cruise needed to be the third and final reminder and motivator for it to really sink in for me.

Anyway, I’m gonna make this post a little on the short side because I need to get to bed earlier. My dog kept waking me up last night for some reason and I was so mad at him, I threw a throw pillow and my other pillow to the ground for him to leave me be, I think he ended up sleeping on them. Little shit. He needs a haircut badly and I think tomorrow I will get up early to drop him off, if not I will attempt to do so on Friday.

He just needs to not be looking homeless. I might take him to this dog parade shenanigans that’s happening this weekend. Dog parade? Yeah don’t ask. I just found out and need to google.

I meant to post the audio for my appearance on the radio show last week so check it out here: Online Dating Etc – Living 101 w/Rockin Robin//1190AM

Happy Friday Eve! Stay classy…

PS. I leave you with my photoshoot pics from last weekend: My Flickr — There are 40 of them so I had to put them in this little Flickr album for easier access {hey don’t get carried away now}. Hope you like ’em! If not, go kick rocks.. xoxo bitches!

Some of my faves…

Photos by Megan Mueller-Weaver –
Photos by Megan Mueller-Weaver –
Photos by Megan Mueller-Weaver –
Photos by Megan Mueller-Weaver –