It’s Not Christmas Unless You Have An Ugly Sweater Party

Let me start off by saying that I am so relieved this Ice-Apocalypse is over and done with. We can now get on with our lives and scream “hallelujah!” I miraculously made it to work yesterday despite the fact that I almost wrecked when my car started to do the electric slide across two lanes when trying to come to a stop. Thankfully, no cars were around and it was just little ol’ me freaking the fuck out! Anyway, back to what I wanted to talk about today…

I personally have never been to an ugly sweater Christmas party, but that’s about to change this week because on Friday my job is hosting one. Is it scary that this Friday will be Friday the 13th? It’s also the day that The Hobbit Part II comes out, but I digress. Since I haven’t partaken in these Christmas shenanigans I must say I need a little help from you guys to help me pick the winner.

#1. The snow man one, not the Ho Ho Ho one.. Let’s not get carried away now.

#2. Who doesn’t love Home Alone 2 Quotes. One of my favorite movies as a kid. {I even had the video game!}

#3. Reindeers Come In Three’s.. Bwahaha! Just kidding.. I’m not trying to get fired but I busted out laughing when I saw this one. You’re welcome.
#4. Just to be a little punk, this one is perfect. Not trying to sway you, but in the world of ugly sweaters this one has a special way of saying “Screw it, this is what it is and you’re gonna like it“.

I may say the hell with it and go to the thrift store, but tell me which one is your favorite? or rather, which one would you enjoy me wearing? (#3 doesn’t count!) I’ll be sure to post pictures with my ugly Christmas sweater to share with you guys. If you’ve been to one of these parties please share on your blog or on my Facebook Page. Pics are a must for laughing viewing pleasure.

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