It’s My Birthday!

Woohoo! I am turning 32 today and feeling truly blessed to be given another year to wreak some havoc. Not really, but I digress. This weekend recap I’m hosting it with my lovely co-host Lisa, who is out of town, but she’s such a rockstar she still posts her blog so you can link up with her or with me. I’ll start off by saying this week I have an exciting surprise, err, unveiling if you will and I cannot wait to show you guys. Some of you already know, but it’s gonna be such a treat once it’s all done and ready to launch, eek!

Friday night my friend Jessie and I had dinner at Red Lobster. I admit I ate one too many of those cheddar biscuits, but why not right? The lobster was a-okay, I think a salmon would’ve been a better choice though like Jessie did. We had fun catching up and noticed there were some really cute guys working there so we may come back really soon.

Went and got my hair done with a blow out on Saturday for my date. I didn’t realize just how fast my hair seems to be growing, but I like it. I was so nervous waiting for him to get to the restaurant while I was sitting in the booth. When he gets there, I felt less nervous and we talked some and got our food pretty fast.

We went to a sushi bistro and I gotta say it was superb! My favorite is usually the Philadelphia roll, but I did like the Yellowtail Sashimi he ordered. After dinner, he suggested we go get dessert somewhere so I told him we should check out this one place off Knox/Henderson called Mesero Miguel.

Oh em gee! We got the chocoflan entree and it seriously was bomb. Then I find out over a couple of bites that he has to get up early to go golfing. Boo! He had claimed that we were going to go smoke hookahs and this would be the best birthday ever, but of course he was full of it. To be honest though, the chemistry just wasn’t there so I was kinda glad that we were calling it an early night.

I was ready to come home to Dexter and watch a couple more episodes. I am literally one episode away from the grand finale and I don’t want to watch it yet!

Supposedly the guy I went on a date with said that we can hang out the next day (Sunday), but I never heard from him. I will be surprised if I hear from him today, but for him not to let me know either way if we’re gonna hang out or not is quite the douche move.

Went to have brunch with Melanie at our favorite brunch place. I had been craving eggs since I haven’t had much eggs since I started the new job. I used to eat them almost every day at my last job since we had a cafeteria downstairs. Mel helped me take some pics too that I will be posting here soon.

So that was my weekend in a blogshell. What were you up to this weekend?