It’s Monday…

I had a pretty relaxing weekend, no complaints. I’m getting better from my allergies, so that definitely makes me happy. I watched movies on Netflix all weekend, which makes it worth it paying the $8 every month. I watched Faces In The Crowd, Case 39, and One Week. All pretty entertaining, and I of course had my popcorn with gummy bears, because that’s my favorite movie snack.

Curls from a sock

I curled my hair with a sock, and although this was my first attempt, I didn’t feel like it was the best way I should’ve done it so I will make another attempt tonight and post the tutorial tomorrow.

I went to my friend’s babyshower, and I had never seen so many guys at a babyshower, haha. Of course, they were all married, but I was pretty amused because normally guys don’t ever show up to these type of events, but I like that the dad of my friend’s baby was there because it shows he’s really supportive.

I’m a bad friend because I wasn’t able to get her anything… yet. I gotta wait til next payday before I can splurge on my friend.

How was everyone’s weekend?

Coming up next.. Sock bun curls tutorial, Things I look forward to in November, Dating book from a guy’s perspective I came across.