I think when you love what you do and others notice, you inspire them to also follow their dreams. It’s more surprising to me when I’m informed that I was indeed an inspiration and it makes me so thankful to have been that motivator for them. My guest blogger Dee decided to start her own blog on her journey on getting healthy and fit. She told me that I inspired her to start her blog and she already has tons of readers and fans in a matter of three weeks! So feel free to add her blog to your bookmarks and get motivated to stay fit this new year! I know she has motivated me to eat clean and get fit.

I did the header for her in the meantime. I think it goes well with her layout.
Last night I noticed one of my Instagramers tagged me on their photo and I was like “WOW!”
I am so honored to be someone’s inspiration to share their story by me sharing mine. This made my day!! 

Who or what inspires you?