In a Relationship… With Health

This week was my first attempt at the Herbalife meal replacement weight loss regime. I’m not gonna lie, but I did break a few rules. At least I learned a lesson or two and will not make the same mistakes because otherwise, what’s the point right? 

My company I work for from time to time hosts happy hours after attending LONG conference calls/trainings. I’m talking FOUR HOURS of trying to pay attention to people talk on the phone as well as via webcast about technicalities of how certain things work and how it sets us apart, but they might as well be speaking Cantonese. At least when we take potty breaks, I overhear my colleagues sharing the same sentiments out in the hallways so I don’t feel like I’m the only dummy… *sigh*. So my intentions were to hit the gym and my bestie suggests I stop by for a couple of minutes to the happy hour after the conference call. I was still not sure if I would, but after sitting for a whole hour through the first hour, I pinged her and said “After this call I will need a damn drink“.

So we make our way to the happy hour, we shoot some pool and of course I absolutely sucked. I think I only scored once, but whatever. Then the DJ comes and we start dancing and the open bar is already closing. By this time we have already had a couple of drinks. My bestie suggests we go to a hookah bar and I was totally down to go because it’s been awhile since I have gone to a hookah bar. Needless to say, we had a blast and even belly danced. It was a miracle we all made it to work on time the next morning.

It’s really hard to stick to a routine when life happens such as your work and your lifestyle. I did make it to the gym once this week and that’s better than none, but I will be more disciplined this upcoming week. I’m gonna have to cut out alcohol out of the equation because that doesn’t help with calorie intake or motivation to stay on track. I made a motivational album to keep me motivated and it really helped me to make it to the gym that day. You can check it out on We Heart It – bellaramos

So my eating schedule is a little like this:
Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast, then solid food for lunch, then another meal replacement shake for dinner. Drinking lots of water and snacking on nuts/protein bar throughout the day.

My goal is to shed at least 20 lbs by my birthday {Oct. 27} and I do blush when guys tell me I look fine the way I am now. The point is to be healthy and I’m not wanting to be skinny by any means. I honestly want to fit into this amazing gray pencil skirt my mom got me from Spain a few years ago and I miss rocking that skirt! Of course, I have some jeans that rule my world and I miss them dearly. Plus, I don’t want to buy another pair of fat jeans that I will never go back to {unless I have a thyroid problem or have a baby}, which by the way is not going to happen. I would need a man first for that! {for the baby, not the thyroid}.

Easier said than done.

How do you guys stay motivated?