I’m The Kind Of Girl Who…

Last night I did something I really really shouldn’t have. It was only because I seriously have not purchased these necessary staple makeup items in about two years. Being a blogger with its perks and everythang, I get free makeup sometimes. I swore I would not do any shopping to get myself ready for How I Will Get To BlogCation, but hear me out.

I needed foundation, like badly. I was resorting to my old liquid foundation from Mary Kay from when I bought it as part of my stock inventory and because I couldn’t sell it like hot cakes, they became my emergency stash for my foundation. With this cold weather, my skin is so dry that the foundation does not blend that shit out and it’s even more obvious I have dry skin.

Once the lovely makeup artist applied the HD foundation on my canvas dry of a face, it seemed like my face looked normal and so, it was a done deal. I am proud to say that I didn’t buy all of the lovely items you see pictured. I only bought the foundation, the lipgloss and lipstick and the concealer. The rest of my free goodies was the pressed powder, two cream blushes and makeup brushes. How awesome is that? I feel so spoiled.

The cream blushes came with impeccable timing because recently my powder blush cracked and I couldn’t carry it around anymore because it was getting everywhere. I’m excited to put my makeup on today and look so fresh and so clean.


I want to join the linkup that Holly is hosting – I’m The Kind Of Girl Who… so here goes nothing.

…doesn’t like to be interrupted. Right before I was leaving MakeUp Forever, this girl who was just a customer interrupted while I was saying goodbye to the makeup artist as I was also trying to hand her my Stella & Dot lookbook/business card. Rude! She was like “Um, the mall is about to close and blah blah blah”. Talk about exaggeration to the max, the mall wasn’t closing for a whole ‘nother hour. Dumb twat. She didn’t even say sorry or excuse me so that irritated me even more, but I ignored her and acted like she didn’t exist.

…is a bit of a speed racer. If I catch someone trying to race me to get in front of me, I beat them to the punch and make sure they don’t beat me. I guess I’m competitive in that way. If they beat me, is most likely because they have a sports car. Even though I thrive for speed, I don’t ever get speeding tickets because I got eagle eyes/intuition/know the routes where the cops will be in my neighborhood.

…forgets to not curse when children are present. Yesterday morning as I was racing down the stairs, I missed the last step of the stairwell, but caught myself all while saying “SHIT” while my neighbor was locking her door and her little man was staring at me. Oops.

…loves my sleep so much that I ignore my alarms and like deja vu don’t get to do my makeup at home and instead I do it at my desk or in the ladies room. Not a good look.

…used to be gassy all the time especially when I was with my ex. He would get me the anti gas strips you put in your tongue and it melts away. Now my gas issue is nonexistent and part of me wonders if he was causing the gas. You know they say when someone is toxic for you it comes out in certain forms, maybe that was one of them.

…can keep my composure when under pressure and won’t waver or throw my hands in the air. I am very strong willed and don’t see myself as playing the victim. When I see others act like babies, I get annoyed because I can’t understand why they can’t do what I do. Guess that’s my strength and some people’s weaknesses.

…loves a good hot oatmeal with fruit and coffee is my go to drink. Also, loves ketchup on my scrambled eggs.

…has a love affair with nachos, Taco Bell burritos, Jack In The Box tacos, Chipotle, lobster bisque, french bread. Because I’m trying to lose weight lately though, I broke up with all of them. Maybe we will cheat every now and then, but not on the weekly. I need my space.

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