I’m Not a Player, I Just Blog a Lot

Happy humpday loves! This post is most likely gonna be all over the place because I got a plethora of updates so bear with me. First I’ll start off with the job front. I feel like finding the right job for me is almost like finding the right boyfriend. It has not been easy and there’s lots of pros and cons with each opportunity I come across. Something happened yesterday though that made me feel like I might have found the right job where I can finally settle {settle down? haha}.

I know last week I posted about starting a new job and what not, but so far it’s a no go. On the second day I was already fighting back tears of frustration and that’s not a good way to start a new job, now is it? Today I have to go back to that job, but in the back of my mind I’m hoping this other opportunity will come through with flying colors. This new opp I speak of is actually recruiting. I have friends in the industry who say I would be really good at it so I figured why not right? It still involves sales and I actually get to help people find jobs.

What got me even more excited was when the interviewer lady, who was so nice and professional, showed me where my seat would be… my own freakin’ office!! GASP. Like whaaaat? I wanted to tell her “Shut the front door, let’s get started!!!”. So I’m praying to God that this job really will be for me because I know I deserve more than what I’ve been getting and this would be such a blessing.

Anywho, other than that life is really good. I lost 8 lbs and I think most of that is due to the stress my body is going through. I still have my lower back pain and even though it’s not as sharp, when I try to lean over like putting on my shoes, the shooting pain comes right back! This is no joke, I can’t wait to get my life back on track so all this mess can go away.

The guy I’ve been seeing has been so good to me, I’m just so happy. The other day we spent literally the entire day together and that was nice. We went grocery shopping, ran errands that I needed to do and watched TV. He actually got me watching Love & Hip Hop, which I’ve never seen before since I don’t have cable, so I thought that was funny. I’m normally the one trying to show a guy I’m dating the show I’m hooked on and this time it was flipped around.

I even cooked for him, which doesn’t happen often. I made some Puerto Rican food and I didn’t mind catering to him getting him a glass of water or tea. It has been so long since I’ve given such hospitality to anyone (dating wise).

His nickname on my blog will most likely be what he goes by — Fab Bronx. Don’t laugh, even though I’m over here smirking away. So yeah Miss Bella is dating Fab Bronx. Sounds like two new characters on Love & Hip Hop if you ask me; minus the drama.

On the blog front, my blog got nominated! Some sweet person submitted my blog so thank you whoever you are! Please head on over by clicking on the button and vote for my blog under “The Savvy Single” category, yay! Voting ends next Tuesday the 10th so hurry!

2015 My So-Called Chaos Best of Blog Awards

Now that I’ve covered all those topics on my life lately, I just want to wrap it up by saying to live your life beautifully. Regardless of whatever challenges you may face, know that in due time you will see that things always work themselves out and you’ll be a stronger person for it. I know that whatever job God blesses me with, I won’t take for granted the struggles I went through because now people can relate to me, or I relate to them because I have been there. I know what it’s like to lose a job twice unexpectedly and what you go through to get back on track is all in the beauty of it.