I Joined a GYM

It was about time I joined a gym! as of this weekend I started running 3 miles each workout, lifting weights and I am super sore, but it’s so worth it. I even tried out the sauna and it’s pretty neat. My job pays $30 a month towards a gym membership so that’s exactly what I got and I am so thankful. I think by May/June I will be ready for summer and my goal weight is 125-130 lbs. As of now I’m at the weight when I used to have a boo and then I dropped 20 lbs after we broke up and kept it off for 4 years. The winter months have been rough for me and I basically turned to food for comfort.

I might even sign up for some fitness classes, probably zumba even though I’ve never done it before. Today was my third day working out and I ran into an old friend while working out. It’s nice to go to the gym where everyone is working out and it sorta motivates me. Soon one of my friends is going with me since they have a membership too. I may also add that the gym definitely has some eye candy…. holla!

I’m bringing SEXY back, yup!