Humpday Confessions: I Woke Up Like This

It’s noon and I just got myself out of bed. I guess you could say I thought I was young on the inside where I could mix my alcohol last night, but of course the old woman in me felt so sick the next morning that I had to call in sick to work. I hardly ever call in sick unless it’s absolutely necessary and today it was absolutely necessary.

I finally got my internet connected yesterday so thank goodness for that or else I would be looking like shit going into a Starbucks. I am sitting on my brown suede couch that I love and I’m hoping I will feel like myself in a couple more hours.

So what do I have to confess today to y’all? Hmmm.

I’m sure that a lot of people don’t like to be ignored, but I despise it. If someone ignores me, let’s talk dating wise, it really makes me angry to where I want to punch that person in the face. Lately I texted Pedro and he didn’t text back, he ignored me. Then a whole day later he texts me goodnight. That is unacceptable and I won’t have it. So I will do what I hate to be done to me and ignore him. I really didn’t like how we left things last time I saw him because nothing we talked about was clear. I just had a big question mark floating over my head.

In case you missed yesterday’s post: 7 Things I Just Won’t Do.

I’m gonna get some more rest to hopefully feel better. What are y’alls confessions?

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