Hoopla 2014 Live Happy {Part 2}

In case you missed my first part recap of my Orlando trip check it out and then come back to this post. After I’m done with this recap you’ll see why I had been putting it off for so long {almost a month} because not only did a lot of stuff happen, but I got a lot of good pictures to go with it.

This picture is definitely one of my favorites of my team and I. To the left is Diana and she’s my sponsor who brought me on her team and I love her! She is a natural leader and always knows how to get our team going. Many kudos to her and my teammates are rockstars! The lady on the far left, Sharon, is the happiest woman you’ll ever meet and she has a loud cackle when she laughs, it reminds me of me a little bit. She is a go getter and I’m excited where her Stella & Dot career will take her. The other one to the right is the sweetest ever, Karen! Always helpful and a great friend.

Florida is so weird with rain one minute and sunshine the next. My second day there it was sunny when I woke up, but by the time I was headed to lunch it was pouring cats and dogs. I met with some new stylists and we had lunch. I felt like chicken and dumplings would be a good idea for the rainy weather outside plus I haven’t had chicken and dumplings in a while.

Right after lunch we headed over to the registration where they will give us our conference passes and goodie bags. I was so looking forward to the goodie bag because that’s when they will give you free jewelry from the Fall collection. At this point, we hadn’t even seen any of the fall jewelry so the anticipation was in the air.

Right away I put on the gorgeous jewelry set they gave us. Pop Geo statement necklace with the earrings to match. These earrings are convertible since you can take off the big piece and wear it as a stud. The necklace is my favorite! You can wear it short or long and it matched with my flamingo pink nails.

After registration, I pretty much hung out in other people’s rooms waiting for my roomie to arrive from the airport. It was amusing once we were in the rooms and the girls were unpacking not just clothes but BOOZE. They were ready to party and I felt like I didn’t get the memo to bring my own big ass bottle of liquor. Knowing my luck it would probably not make it and bust all over my clothes, no bueno. Maybe next year I will do it, I will bring my liquor and hope it makes it.

It came in handy that the girls had their own liquor because when we got to the pool, they asked if I wanted a drink and they went to the room and made some margaritas and here I am drinking a strong ass margarita that would probably get me tipsy if I had one more. The sun was still not out so I kept my cover up on. Lame I know but it’s Florida weather for ya.

The sun did come out after all, but it was already saying Bye Felicia to us. The next day is when Hoopla officially started! I had no idea what to expect and you’ll get to see what I’m talking about next.