Hello February

Don’t you just love weekends, especially those weekends when you get paid? I know I love them all the more. It allows me the chance to splurge on one little item that somehow makes me feel like my world is that much better. This time it was 3 books.

I haven’t read a book in so long, I don’ even recall the last one I read cover to cover. I don’t even know how this habit came to be, but it’s time I do something about it. Lately I’ve been craving stepping into another world, which I feel like reading does the trick. I also feel it will help me to learn something new and get my creative juices flowing.

I got “The Husband’s Secret”, “Big Magic” and “Not That Kind of Girl”. I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book because I need creativity in my life, the struggle is so damn real. I can’t wait to do a book review on these soon! Have y’all read any of these?

Of course I needed some desperate pampering and these are my actual real nails. I just got the next gen, dipping powder style and I love this pink nude color. After I worked half a day, I went to go visit my parents. Even met my baby sister’s new boyfriend and he’s really cute! Made me wish he had an older brother.

My bestie is in the hospital very ill so I went to go visit her and got her these beautiful flowers. She loved them and we hung out in her room for a bit. I’m hoping she’ll be out of there in a few days so please say a prayer for her!

I decorated my Happy Planner for February since it’s a new month. I’m pretty stoked for this month because so many good things are in store and I can’t wait to see how it will all unfold.

Sunday funday was complete with my favorite pizza from Pizza Hut. I always get the stuffed crust pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms, yum!

I used coconut oil mixed with baking powder to make it into a face scrub and so far my skin is crazy soft. I’ll keep you posted on how the week progresses… tutorial to come.

I wrote a post over the weekend! In case you missed it; I Ain’t Mad At Cha.

I was able to start watching my movies I used to always watch on this one app on my phone and lately it wasn’t working with my jailbreak so I figured out a way to find it on my regular iPhone 6S and bingo! I was able to watch the movie Burnt and parts of the movie Joy. Let me know if you guys want me to do a mini tutorial so you can watch movies/shows on me.

Going back to the gym this week and I would’ve gone this weekend, but I had too much to do. I’ve been thinking of doing yoga because I hear it helps with not just your flexibility, but takes away any aches you may have, not to mention, calories.

This week I’m feeling quite confessional-y so I may bring back Confessions of a Blogaholic.

My goal is to finish Elizabeth’s book by Friday… bring it!

How was your weekend? Share with Lisa and I!